2020 Home Audio Trends

The year 2020 has certainly changed a lot of our habits in both work and play. We thought it would be interesting to go over a few areas where we are seeing some pretty big trends in the home audio business.

Computer Speakers

As we’ve all been spending more time working from home and meeting virtually through video instead of in-person, we have seen a tremendous increase in people upgrading the sound of their workspace. Great sounding background music makes us more productive and a good pair of computer speakers makes it far easier to understand your colleagues during a video call. 

Computer speakers have everything you need built-in and are very simple to connect up to your desktop or laptop. Some even have Bluetooth and inputs for a turntable.

  1. Peachtree M25 Powered Speakers - Pair Peachtree M25 Powered Speakers - Pair
    $449.00 - $489.00
  2. Peachtree M24 Wireless Speakers - Pair Peachtree M24 Wireless Speakers - Pair
    $349.00 - $389.00
  3. Kanto YU6 - Matte Gray Kanto YU6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers - Pair
    Regular Price $399.99 - $429.99 $329.99 - $349.99


DAC is short for digital-to-analog converter. It takes the digital signal and converts it to analog, usually offering a big sonic improvement from your computer or smartphone. In 2020, you’ll find a lot more DACs that are designed to work with computer speakers. With computer speakers taking off in popularity, many people who get them want to make their sound even better and wind up getting a nice little DAC. For those of you interested in getting the most out of your computer speakers, read our tips on how to upgrade your powered computer speakers.

Outdoor Sound

2020 is the year we are seeing more people than ever want to put better sound in their backyard. Adding sound to your outdoor area is also easier than ever with new products like the Sonos Move or JBL Party Box line. These are battery-powered, portable Bluetooth speakers with a much bigger sound than you might expect. For covering much larger entertainment areas our stores have been busy installing landscape speaker systems.

Atmos Soundbars

When Dolby Atmos was introduced a few years ago, we felt it was the biggest change in surround sound in many years. We are finally starting to see some very good all-in-one soundbars that can provide pretty good Dolby Atmos effects with an ain-one speaker you just add to your TV. Both Sonos and JBL have new models that are pretty darn cool!


Dirac is a method of room correction we have been crazy about since it was introduced by Datasat in a 20K+ surround sound processor in 2014. You have to experience it to fully understand how big of an improvement in your sound it provides in almost any room, it's just amazing! Dirac has slowly been working its way down into less expensive home theater receivers and processors which brings a big smile to the home theater geeks at Audio Advice. The Arcam AV40 and Lexicon MC10 are two great separate processors and both of these brands also have a great selection of home theater receivers with Dirac built-in.


  1. Layer 1 Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver



  1. Lexicon MC-10 Surround Sound AV Processor Lexicon MC-10 Surround Sound AV Processor
    Special Price $3,499.00 Regular Price $6,000.00

  1. Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier Arcam SA30 Integrated Amplifier


2020 is showing zero signs of the vinyl revolution slowing down, as a matter of fact, for Audio Advice, we are seeing more people than ever adding vinyl as another way to enjoy music at home. Most turntables these days come ready to go with some even having built in phono preamps so you no longer have the tedious task of connecting those tiny wires up to the cartridge. 


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