About Us

At Audio Advice, we love bringing home technology to life. We are the premier home technology specialist and integrator in the Carolinas, having received more local and national honors than any other provider. We were named Best Specialty A/V Retailer in the United States by TWICE Magazine and have won the Bravo award from Metro magazine for “Best Place to Buy a Home Media System” each year since its creation.

Product Selection

Curated Products

As the largest premium home electronics provider in the state, we are able to carry a curated selection of brands and product lines that meet our stringent requirements. We thoroughly test new products as they enter the market and we work hard to choose the best products at each price point for our customers.

We've already vetted all of the products we carry, so whether you're shopping online or coming into one of our stores, you can rest assured they are among the best in their category.

World-Class Experiences

Whether you’re shopping online or meeting with us in person, our goal is to help you find products that enhance your lifestyle. We provide a wealth of high-quality content and a simple, customized user experience on our website. The more you tell us about yourself and engage with us, the better our recommendations will become.

Our world-class showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte allow our customers to fully experience an incredible selection of premium home theater, audio, and home automation products. Our expert consultants can walk you through every detail and provide immersive demonstrations that not only show you what our products and services can do, but how we can integrate everything seamlessly with your life.

Audio Advice showroom

Custom Design & Installation Services

Over the past 30 years, we have built the best team of consultants, designers, and installers in the country. From high-performance two-channel systems and dedicated home theaters to fully integrated smart homes, our team has the experience to deliver home technology solutions from concept to calibration.

Properly setting up your equipment is equally as important as the products themselves. By allowing us to install and calibrate their systems, our customers create a better long-term investment. In the end, you get a system that not only looks better but performs better as well.

Exceptional People, Delivering Superior Service

The real key to the success of Audio Advice is our team and their unwavering dedication to our customers. We employ over 50 people, many of whom have been with us for decades.

Since we first opened our doors in 1978, everything at Audio Advice has been aimed at providing great customer experiences. It started with our founder, Leon Shaw, who’s favorite part of the job has always been getting our customers as excited about the world of home entertainment as he is.

Audio Advice Founder Leon Shaw & CEO Scott Newnam

Unmatched Support

We are committed to the best customer support in the industry.

For our customers, support means three things:

  1. The ability to fix and maintain the products we sell you
  2. Going the extra mile when you have a problem
  3. Maintaining the only dedicated 24/7 on call service team in our industry in the state

We sell full-system solutions that are long term investments. As such, it’s imperative to our customers that we can help them maintain and upgrade their systems over time. For 95% of the companies in our space, their job is to sell you a product and move on.

Since he founded the company,  Leon Shaw has believed in providing an  exceptional customer experience–especially when something goes wrong. “We had a client with guests at his house whose system went down during a lightning storm,” recalls Leon. “We were able to dial into his system while we were on the phone with him and correct the problem instantly.”

Giving Back

Here at Audio Advice, we are committed to giving back. One of the greatest challenges for the world today is the proliferation of cancer. Audio Advice contributes 1% of all profits to support the Helene Foundation, a non-profit focused on supporting the families of mothers going through cancer treatment.

Both Leon and Scott's wives each fought and won a battle with this deadly disease. We know what it's like to watch as our loved ones go through chemo and radiation and the toll it can take on a family. Our founders and their families were blessed to have incredible support throughout their fight, and it's important to us that we do what we can to provide the same blessing to families facing this challenge today.