Audio Advice Revelation

Home Theater Seating w/ Touch-Button Power Recline, Separate Headrest Motor, Powered Lumbar Support, USB Port & More!

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Audio Advice Revelation

Home Theater Seating w/ Touch-Button Power Recline, Separate Headrest Motor, Powered Lumbar Support, USB Port & More!

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Audio Advice Revelation Home Theater Seating is perfect for movie nights and entertaining guests. With motorized lumbar support, touch-button power recline, and a separate headrest motor, you'll be able to kick back and relax in style. The USB port allows you to keep your devices charged while you're watching your favorite movies, and the LED lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you're watching your favorite movie or TV show, playing video games, or just listening to music, Audio Advice Revelation Home Theater Seating will provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Order yours today and start enjoying the best seat in the house!

At Audio Advice, we are known for our expertise in designing and installing custom home theaters and selling best-in-class home theater equipment to do-it-yourselfers nationwide. While most of our reviews are about the gear, we believe that having comfortable home theater seating is one of the most important aspects of a home theater or media room. It simply doesn’t matter how good the picture looks or how great the Dolby Atmos effects are if you can’t comfortably watch a movie or sporting event from start to finish.

After selling and installing so many chairs over the past few decades, we ultimately decided that there was an opportunity for us to build the ideal chair with everything our customers wanted and that we wanted in our own homes. The result after several years of product development is the Revelation Home Theater chair which we are calling the Ultimate Home Theater chair.

Audio Advice Revelation Chair

Introducing the Revelation Home Theater Chair!

We believe that the brand-new Revelation is the most advanced and comfortable chair in the world of home theater. But just as importantly, the chair is chock-full of design and technology features that come from years of customer feedback and living with chairs ourselves.

Design & Build Quality

We’ve designed the Revelation to have sculpted sides on both the seat and the back that perfectly cup your body, much like you would expect to find in a luxury performance car. Covered in Leathermax™, which is a premium vegan leather, similar to what Telsa uses in its electric vehicles, the chair is durable, extremely soft, easy to clean, and breaths super well, so you won’t get hot sitting in it for long periods. The Revelation has a stunning racecar diamond-shaped stitching on the back.

Leathermax racecar diamond-shaped stitching
Leathermax racecar diamond-shaped stitching detail

The build quality is fantastic, especially considering the price point of these chairs. Each chair weighs approximately 115 pounds and features a premium wooden frame. We have used extra high-quality foam loading throughout the chair so that it's soft to sit in but provides a firm base so that you can easily enjoy sitting in it for hours on end. The high-quality foam is also designed to maintain its shape over time.

Another design feature that we love is the chaise padded footrest. While some footrests leave a gap between the edge of the seat and the footrest, the Revolution extends completely to the edge of the rest. This is aesthetically better while also providing better leg support.

Reclined Revelation Chair showing chaise padded footrest

Recline & Unwind!

The Revelation is completely motorized and uses a high-performance mechanism that is super strong, quiet, and smooth in operation, so you won’t disturb your family during a movie if you adjust the chair. The chair allows you to recline using up and down buttons just at your fingertips on the cupholder.

When you evaluate home theater seats, most good seats have at least one good motor for reclining, and better seats have a second motor for the head or back. The Revelation not only has both motors, but the magic is in the design of the ergonomics and how the motorized headrest works in conjunction with the rest of the chair. For the Revelation, you first set your recline position, which extends the footrest and reclines the back. The next trick is to be able to get your headrest in the exact spot to provide effortless support at any position. This is where the Revelation shines. The headrest extends diagonally up and down at approximately a 45-degree angle from the chair. This means that you can position your head to view the screen effortlessly at any recline level. Because of this angle and the arced shape of the headrest, the chair provides incredible support and comfort for people with both shorter and taller bodies. We’ve tested countless theater chairs at all prices and have not found a better motorized ergonomic design at anything close to this price point. It just nails it.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

When you look at a human spine, the lower portion of it naturally curves inward. This is known as the lordotic curve, and it is a little different for each and every person. Because of this, some chairs will be more comfortable for some people, and others may find that it doesn’t support them perfectly. To address this issue, we have now added a motorized lumbar support mechanism that was highly requested. We actually spent nearly half a year just perfecting the lumbar support mechanism and arch to provide the best experience possible. With simple buttons on the cupholder, you can now adjust the lumbar support to perfectly match your back, filling the gap between your lumbar spine and the seat and supporting the natural curve of your back. This allows people of all shapes and sizes to customize the chair to best suit their specific body and leave them with a truly comfortable experience for many hours at a time.

Controls Integrated into the Cupholder

There are generally two different locations you can put the controls for a motorized chair. The easiest is to put them on the inside of an armrest. The advantage of this is that its easy to manufacture and not particularly costly to implement. The downside is that you cannot see the controls, so you have to fumble through pushing buttons, trying to adjust the chair without seeing them. In our testing, the top preferred implementation is to have the controls right at your fingertips embedded into the cupholder. The downside to this is that it requires a much more advanced and expensive cupholder. In the Revelation, we spared no expense and included all of the controls right into the cupholder, so it's easy to just touch a button to recline up or down, change the lumbar, or adjust your headrest. We also included an often requested “home” button as well; you simply press and hold the home button, and it takes the chair back to its original position.. Interestingly enough, our surveys tell us that very few people actually use USB chargers in theater chairs while watching movies. USB chargers tend to be more gimmicky in chairs versus being used. But in the quest to make the ultimate chair, we embedded a USB charger in every single chair in the cupholder. This hits another advantage of having the USB in the cupholder versus in the inside of the chair. If you plug anything into the inside of the chair and accidentally hit it wrong, you risk breaking off the USB cord into your chair or worse. That’s solved by putting it into the cupholder as we did in the Revelation.

Cupholder Detail
Cupholder detail with USB charging port

Dimmable Blue Lights that Romance the Room

In cheaper home theater chairs, you will see all sorts of crazy bright LED lights that look cool in pictures but are almost always turned off in real use because they are generally terrible for viewing because they add distracting lights onto your screen. For those of you who have watched our videos on how to design and set up theaters on, you know one of the design factors we focus on is being able to control the light level in the room and keeping it off of your screen. What we found with most theater chairs with LEDs is that the LEDs only turn on and off. Inevitably the “on” position is just too bright, with the lights reflecting off your theater screen. But if you turn the LEDs off, you can’t see your drink or the controls on the chair. So one of the most important attributes of LEDs in a chair is the ability to dim them to different levels. We have integrated into the Revelation chairs theater blue LED lights strategically placed below the front recliner and in the cupholder. The LED control button is right at your fingertips in the cupholder. One press and it's on, press it again, and it dims down again, and it goes to the lowest dim level, and a final press turns it off. We’ve set these dim levels to cover every scenario with full-on for when you are watching with the lights on in the room, the next is ideal for casual viewing, and the bottom dim level for movie watching in a dark setting. Be sure that any chair you consider for your home theater includes dimmable lights and that the lights have been thoughtfully placed in the chair to minimize reflection on the screen.

Storage & Custom Tray Dining Tray Tables

In the ideal chair design, you want to efficiently use every space you can. The Revelation armrests flip up to provide storage space in the arms for gaming controllers, remotes, and other necessities. We also have designed our custom food and beverage trays to fit in the armrests when they’re not in use. Then, when you want to use them, they drop right into the springloaded adapter in the armrest.

In our testing, one of the biggest complaints about home theater chairs was the cheap tray tables that came with them. Almost all cheaper home theater chairs would include a thin, black plastic tray table that was too small for a plate of food but, more importantly, super slick. After seeing wine glasses slide off cheap tables and ruin carpets and clothes, we knew there had to be a better solution. So in the Revelation, we have included a killer oval tray table that is ergonomically designed to easily hold a dinner plate. Further, we’ve embedded a drink holder indentation so you can enjoy your favorite drink without worry. The entire tray table is covered in a premium black neoprene type of material that resists slippage and is super easy to clean. The table is designed to swivel so you can have it forward when you are upright and further back when you recline. Our customer feedback tells us that great tray tables like this are so heavily used that we have included one that hides in the armchair of every single chair.

Crumbs Away! Cleaning Made Easy

If you have ever owned home theater seats, you know that popcorn and crumbs inevitably fall through the cracks and create a mess under chairs. The Revelation has a unique zipped-in “food catcher” between the bottom and the back of the chair where most things would fall. This makes cleaning the chair super easy and avoids the mess that inevitably builds under theater chairs.

Home Theater Chair Configurations

If you’re considering Revelation home theater seating for your room, by far, the most common purchase is a row of chairs that has an armrest between each chair. Technically this is really a 2 arm chair combined with a one arm chair. Occasionally people will want a love seat configuration which is a combination of a left arm chair and a right arm chair. This can be great for cuddling, but just know that we’ve designed the armrests to be extremely comfortable, so most people prefer an armrest between every chair. We can also do a row that has a love seat in it, for instance, in the middle, with regular chairs on either side. There is one more little detail we have included in the Revelation chairs that honestly is not needed in most applications, but we just wanted to make these the ultimate chairs. When you build a row of chairs, you place the chairs next to each other. Most chairs sitting on a carpet will not move when you sit in them. However, we’ve included small clips at the bottom of each chair that easily clip the chairs to each other so they won’t move at all while configured as a row.

Audio Advice Revelation Chair Configurations

Upgrade Your Home Theater Experience with the Audio Advice Revelation Home Theater Chair!

While the build quality and comfort of these home theater chairs are top-notch, what really sets them apart and makes them an even greater value is the feature set! After investing so much in your home theater room, you want your chairs to be a place where you look forward to relaxing. We believe we have built that ultimate chair in the Revelation!

Revelation Home Theater Chair Diagram
Details & Specs

Audio Advice Revelation Theater Chairs Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Looking for the perfect home theater chair? Look no further than the Audio Advice Revelation Theater Seating. Our CEO has personally designed this chair to be the ultimate in quality and comfort, with a host of features that match chairs well beyond this price point. The Revelation is perfect for any home theater setup, with a sleek design that will complement any decor. It features separate motors for the recliner and headrest, so you can find the perfect position for watching movies or TV. The built-in lumbar support is motorized for easy adjustment, and the chair also features ambient lighting that can be turned on and off. The durable fabric is soft and comfortable, and the simple crumb catcher helps keep your floor clean. With all these luxury features, Audio Advice Revelation Home Theater Seating is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in ultimate comfort.


  • Revelation’s exclusive zipped in "crumb catcher" lining catches coins, popcorn, and other debris for easy cleanup without moving the seat
  • Removable tray table that can be taken out and inserted into a built-in adapter within the chair's arm
  • Deep storage arms provide room for gaming controllers, remotes, and other necessities
  • Leathersoft fabric looks like leather but is soft and adds to the comfort as the fabric “breathes”
  • Blue LED Lighted Cupholders emit a soft blue light that romances the room and can be turned off for fully dark movie viewing
  • Home button simultaneously returns all motors to their closed position with a single button press
  • Touch-Button Power Headrest gives comfort to any size individual
  • Touch-Button Power Recline
  • Touch-Button Power Lumbar
  • USB Power Ports
  • Near-the-Wall Recline
  • Chaise Padded Footrest
  • "Comfort-Coil" Pocketed coil seats
  • 1.8 High-Density Foam
  • Fully padded arms, sides & backs


Style Width (In) Depth (In) Height (In) Recline Depth (In) Ship Weight (Lbs)
2-Arm Chair 40 41 43.5 71 163
Left-Arm Facing Chair 31.5 41 43.5 71 152
Right-Arm Facing Chair 31.5 41 43.5 71 152

Note: Dimensions can vary +/- 1 inch

Configuration Options:

Configuration Product Name Width (In) Depth (In) Height (In) Recline Depth (In) Ship Weight (Lbs)
2-Arm Chair x 1, Left-Arm Chair x 2 3 Chair Row 103 41 43.5 71 467
2-Arm Chair x 1, Left-Arm Chair x 3 4 Chair Row 134.5 41 43.5 71 619
Left-Arm Facing Chair x 2, Right-Arm Facing Chair x 2 4 Chair Row w/ Loveseat Center 126 41 43.5 71 608
Left-Arm Facing Chair x 1, Right-Arm Facing Chair x 1 Loveseat 63 41 43.5 71 304

Audio Advice Revolution dimensions


  • Leathersoft Black
  • 100% Covered in High-Quality PU Fabric


  • Power Recline Amperage: 110/220 Input | 12V / .5 Output
  • Lighted Cupholder Amperage: 110/220 Input | 12V / .5 Output

Manufacturer: Audio Advice

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Maximum Weight Capacity 350 lbs
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