Whole House Audio Systems

Enjoy Your Music in Any Room of the House

With Audio Advice whole house music systems, entertaining is not only easier, it's more fun! Imagine being able to instantly create zones for different combinations of rooms, and control everything from your mobile device or a sleek panel on your wall.

Operation of our whole house music systems is simple, with navigation easily learned by even a non-technical person in a matter of minutes.   We’ve all pretty much learned how to navigate apps on our smartphones, so the interface for most of our music systems is very similar.  You also don’t have to listen to the same thing throughout the entire house.  Choose a source for each room if you like, and give multiple listeners the chance to enjoy different sources.\

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What About the Wiring?

If you're building a new home, it’s easy to run whatever wiring is necessary for a great whole house music system.  But today’s options from Audio Advice work great in a finished home as well.  Many of our technicians are simply wizards at running wiring to places that seemed impossible.  In addition, systems like Sonos are wireless -- all they need is a power outlet.

We can help you plan out your whole house music system design so virtually everything is hidden!  We can locate the equipment in a remote location.  You can then place speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves, or in the walls or ceilings of your rooms, and use a keypad in the wall of each room or just your iPhone or iPad to control the system.


Sonos wireless speakers let you listen to all the music on earth, in every room in your home. Start with any speaker and expand your system to other rooms over time. Access all of your music, from one app, and control your entire listening experience from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.



Fill the entire house with music or stream it to just one room. Enjoy access to over 40 streaming music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, or Spotify. Find your favorite songs along with artist and track information on your smartphone, touch screen, or TV.


Outdoor Entertainment

Say Goodbye to rock speakers. The Sonance Landscape Series is our favorite outdoor speaker line.  They look like typical landscape lights, blending right in with the environment. Through careful planning, we are able to create a sound field that provides seamless coverage of your entire backyard, providing incredible sound, no matter where you are. They even have a subwoofer that is buried in the ground to provide, literally, earth-shaking bass.



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