Vandersteen speakers have been a part of Audio Advice since around 1982.  They have always represented an incredible value for the money from a sound performance standpoint.  Vandersteen is able to accomplish this by spending very little money on cosmetics, while using the best possible drivers, internal cabinet materials and crossovers.  Richard Vandersteen's drive has been to produce value products affordable by a large number of people.

A few years ago, Richard decided to see what would happen if he went with a no holds barred design, and spared no expense on any part of the speaker.  The result is the Vandersteen Model 7.  I had the good luck to hear these at the Rocky Mountain HiFi Show and Munich show last year, and I must say, it is truly one of the best sounding speakers on the planet!  The thing that amazed me the most is the huge sound coming from what is really a pretty small speaker!

The Model 7 uses some unique technology to achieve its incredible sound.  Imagine drivers made of a combination of carbon fiber and balsa wood!  The cabinets in the 7 are a compound of carbon fiber, wood fiber, and elastomeric materials.

We are very happy to announce you will have a chance to hear these great speakers and meet the legend behind them.  On Thursday, Oct 4th, from 6PM to 9 PM we will have the Model 7s set up in our Raleigh store for what will be a very fun evening of demonstrations.  Please RSVP at the link here to [email protected] with Vandersteen in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing you on October 4th!

For some interesting reading in advance of the event, check out the two links below:

A brochure on the 7, Carbon5, and Model 5

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