KEF 2024 Subwoofer Models Overview

KEF has taken their successful subwoofers and made some great updates to provide even better performance and value for 2024! Updates include a whole new Kube lineup, which features a brand new 15” size, and the KF92 is updated to the KC92, which features their Music Integrity Engine and more packed inside! Read on to learn more about the new Kube MIE and KC92/KC62 subwoofers!

Company History

KEF, named after Kent Engineering and Foundry, was started in 1961 by founder Raymond Cooke. Raymond, an ex-BBC engineer, loved music and had a drive for innovation. His mission was better music reproduction through better drivers and cabinet design. After reestablishing his relationship with BBC, KEF went on to produce the legendary LS5/1a studio monitor loudspeakers, as well as the B110 and T27 drivers used in the KEF Cresta as well as the well-known LS3/5a monitor speakers. KEF went on to design the Uni-Q driver technology seen today in the reference Blade and ever-popular LS60 speaker models.

Subwoofers Done Differently

When KEF designs a speaker, its approach uses technology and engineering to produce a product that excels at all the metrics that speakers can be judged while remaining as compact and adaptable as possible to the various room situations. KEF knows that their fans expect this level of performance, so when they design subwoofers, they use the same philosophy. Having the ability to develop and build their drivers gives KEF an edge in being able to create the products they do. With subwoofers, KEF designed drivers that would work perfectly in smaller sealed cabinets but have the specifications allowing maximum bass depth and detail.

Kube MIE Subwoofer

High-Performance and Value

The new Kube MIE subwoofers are a high-value line of KEF subwoofers offering high performance while keeping with KEF’s exacting design and performance standards. Unlike many subwoofers in their price class, KEF only uses sealed enclosures for their Kube series subwoofers. They feel that sealed enclosure subwoofers provide better accuracy and depth while allowing more placement flexibility. 

For 2024, the Kube line has been updated with the MIE (Music Integrity Engine) and a new 15” model for even more output capability.

  1. KEF Kube 15 MIE Subwoofer - Black angled front view KEF Kube 15 MIE Subwoofer - Black

Music Integrity Engine® (MIE)

The MEI (Music Integrity Engine) is a proprietary suite of in-house written DSP algorithms tailored to each lineup model. These new models with MEI promise more depth, greater output, and increased dynamic range. Part of the MEI engine is something called iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension). iBX monitors the input signal and makes multiple adjustments every second, allowing KEF to take full advantage of the custom driver used in the Kube series subwoofers. This enables the Kube series subwoofers to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level.

Another facet of the Music Integrity Engine is the placement-dependent EQ. With these 3 room placement profiles, you can be assured the Kube series subwoofers will perform whether placed in a cabinet, in a corner, or against the wall.

Versatile Connectivity

With today's wide range of system types, KEF knew they wanted their subwoofers to be adaptable. The new Kube series subwoofers feature both line-level and speaker-level connections, allowing them to connect to any amplifier on the market. With KEF’s SmartConnect feature, The subwoofer automatically determines if the input signal is mono or stereo and adjusts the gain for optimum performance. Also, Kube series subwoofers are compatible with KEF’s KW1 wireless subwoofer adapter.

Regarding powering on Kube subwoofers, KEF has considered every possible scenario with its flexible power-on modes. With music sense, the subwoofer will awake and power up when it senses a signal. With the “always on” setting, the subwoofer remains ready. A 12-volt trigger input allows the subwoofer to turn on by powering up the controlling component.

Adding the Music Integrity Engine and a new 15” model to the Kube lineup gives users in this price class many options to get the best out of their theater/music systems.

KC92 & KC62 Force Cancelling Subwoofers

Ultimate Performance in a Small Package

The new KEF KC92 and KC62 Force-Cancelling Subwoofers reveal what can be achieved in small reference caliber subwoofers. Making a compact and high-performance subwoofer takes excellent engineering and design skills, which KEF has in spades!

The new KC92 is an evolution of their KF92 and has a proven track record for blistering performance for its size. The KC62 keeps on with its proven track record, proving that being tiny in stature does not mean tiny in performance.

  1. KEF KC62 Subwoofer - Carbon Black - angled front view showing driver KEF KC62 Subwoofer
    100% of 100
    Final Price $1,499.99

KEF Blade Derived Drivers

The 9” heavy-duty proprietary drivers in the KC92 are mounted so that the energy they create is forced against the other driver's energy, effectively canceling out their respective forces inside the cabinet. This cancels cabinet resonances and minimizes distortion while allowing the room-filling benefit of dual drivers to be thoroughly enjoyed. The drivers in the KC92 are derived from the flagship Blade floor-standing speakers and have a hybrid structure comprising a concave aluminum skin atop a paper cone. The substantial motor system and vented voice coil achieve good linearity and low distortion. This gives the KC92 the ability to go as low as 11 Hz while keeping detail and musicality intact. KEF specially designed the patent-pending P-Flex driver surround to resist acoustic pressure without compromising sensitivity. This Japanese-inspired design is akin to origami folds that resist internal air pressure, allowing the driver to move more precisely and allowing precise, high-output, low-reaching bass in a smaller enclosure.

The KC62 has what KEF calls its Uni-Core driver technology. This patent-pending driver technology takes force-canceling drivers to a new level. KEF designed both 6.5” drivers using a shared magnet system with concentric-mounted voice coils to utilize these technologies in such a small enclosure. This allows the KC62 to reduce its cabinet volume by ⅓ compared to separate magnet structures.

The Uni-Core dual driver in the KC62 has the patent-pending P-Flex surround like the KC92, which gives the driver better piston movement and allows more output while minimizing distortion. KEF rates this subwoofer down to 11Hz, which is quite impressive considering the size of this unit.

Smart Distortion Control

For the KC62, KEF added their Smart Distortion Control technology, which measures current in the driver voice coil and adjusts it to correct any non-linear distortions. This technology can reduce total harmonic distortion (THD) by up to 75%, allowing the KC62 to produce accurate, detailed bass.

Music Integrity Engine

KEF fully utilizes its Music Integrity Engine here, allowing users to place the KC92 or KC62 in more places and still get optimum output and sound quality. The Music Integrity Engine has DSP tailored to KC92 and KC62, allowing each model to shine in its installed environment. iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) allows each subwoofer to reach lower in the bass registers with authority not found in other small subwoofers. The KC62 has an added SmartLimiter circuit, which constantly analyses the signal to prevent clipping.

The KC92 and KC62 both have a Five Preset Room Placement Equalization feature. This allows you to pick where you will place the subwoofer and, with a flick of a switch, have an EQ curve tailored to placement in that part of the room. Whether in a corner, a cabinet, or a wall, the KEF Room Placement Equalization feature ensures you will get the top performance.

Big Power, Less Space

KEF wanted both the KC92 and KC62 to have more than enough power to defy their small package in output capability. Both subwoofers have 1000 watts of class D power (500 to each driver), which gives the benefit of substantial power reserve for dynamic peaks. This allows the KC92 to reach peaks of 110dB, and the KC62, astounding for its size, has 105dB peaks. Please remember that the KC62 is a small subwoofer for space-constrained rooms or when you do not want a large enclosure subwoofer in your space. Its performance is limited in large rooms or when theater reference volumes are needed.

Full Connectivity

The KC92 and KC62 feature line-level and speaker-level connections, allowing these subwoofers to connect to almost any amplifier. With KEF SmartConnect, the subwoofer determines if the signal is mono or stereo and auto-adjusts accordingly. Both subwoofers are compatible with the KEF KW1 wireless adapter for more placement options. Both KC series subwoofers also have a ground lift in case of ground hum issues. Phase switches, crossover controls, and gain controls are standard on both units. KEF added a 12-volt trigger input on the KC92 if you want to control its power from your amplifier.

Pleasing Aesthetics

KEF designed the KC92 with a small sealed enclosure finished in your choice of gloss white or black, which is highly polished. The KC62 has an extruded aluminum sealed enclosure in carbon black, mineral white, and titanium grey. These top-level subwoofers offer users a great look and a size that will fit almost any room or system configuration. 

Being the iconic brand they are, KEF has shown us that you don’t need considerable enclosures to get excellent bass performance. Combining robust high-current amplification, custom drivers,  properly built and designed enclosures, and KEF’s own DSP magic, you can have strong, musical, room-filling bass without the need to take up all of your room!

We suggest looking at the KEF Kube series subwoofers if you are in the market for a high-performance value in subwoofers. They perform well above their price and size. But if you are tight for space but want reference-level bass in your room, we suggest looking at the KC92 or KC62 subwoofers. If you have questions about which KEF model subwoofer will work best in your room and gear, please call and let our experts help you choose the model that fits your room and your wallet.

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  1. KEF Kube 15 MIE Subwoofer - Black angled front view KEF Kube 15 MIE Subwoofer - Black

  1. KEF KC62 Subwoofer - Carbon Black - angled front view showing driver KEF KC62 Subwoofer
    100% of 100
    Final Price $1,499.99