For those of you who saw the January 20th article in the New York Times about universal remote controls, I hope you (like me) found it pretty amusing.  The author, Farhad Manjoo, tested a handful of so-called universal remotes and determined that none of them worked very well.  I totally agree with his assessments of those PARTICULAR models.  However, I must strongly disagree with his findings that there is not a good universal remote out there. Mr. Manjoo, the problem you have, is you did not consult your local audio/video specialty store!!!

The remotes tested included a $10 Sony, a couple of sub $90 Universal models, and what he calls the Mercedes of remotes, a $170 Logitech. Maybe he should have done his homework first before blasting the smart remote industry and read some forums. There he would have found lots of people complaining about the same problems he saw with the Logitech. However, with further digging, he would have also discovered that the company named Universal makes some flat-out awesome remote controls.

As many of you know, I am an A/V geek who loves to play with this stuff. I have personally programmed many of the better Universal remotes and gotten glowing reviews from lots and lots of customers (not to mention my family). Audio Advice installs and programs 2 or 3 of these every single day! And guess what, our customers love them.  Once programmed properly, they work just right. No glitches, no errors, they simply work and make life really easy. The only problems we tend to encounter is if the remote is dropped really hard (sometimes we can’t tell if this is from reacting to the result of a sporting event) or they get used so much, the buttons wear down!

So Mr. Manjoo, go find a good local A/V company where you live.  Ask them to sell you any of the Universal remotes with an RF base station that are programmed on a computer. Yes, you will have to spend more than $170 to make this happen. You’ll learn the Logitech you called the Mercedes of remotes is a Yugo and you will see that it is extremely easy to get a great universal remote. Companies like Audio Advice install these every day across the country and make people smile!