I've been a Netflix subscriber since the beginning.  I am a huge fan of their service.   When I first started using it, I loved the recommendations of movies their algorithm would make based upon what I had watched. When streaming came out, the same formula applied and I found all kinds of great things to watch instantly.

Then, I made the mistake of letting my 3 kids start using Netflix streaming. Pretty soon, with all of their various tastes, I was getting recommendations from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to some Pokeman Anime movie. Did I want to see these? I think not!

The great news is Netflix announced on June 13, 2013 they would have separate profiles available for streaming by the end of summer! It’s not clear yet if the limit will be 5 or 6, but for most families, that should do it. Each profile will have a separate viewing history and recommendations. While they did not announce it, one would assume each profile would also have its own instant que.

For me, this is fantastic news. I’ll be back to getting recommendations I might actually enjoy.  Although I suspect my kids will figure out how to log in to my profile, watch something silly, and give it five starts just to mess with me!

It’s interesting how technology has to adapt to multiple users in the same home.  Maybe other content providers will take a cue from Netflix and improve their applications to keep up, although Netflix has a huge lead on all of them and this just takes them further out in front.