If you are in the Charlotte area and are a football fan, you definitely need to come check out our Panther Room!

This room features a large front projection system flanked by two smaller TVs so you can keep an eye on all the action.  Talk about taking picture in picture to the next level, how about three TVs all at once!

If you use DirecTV for your video provider, you know how great their NFL Sunday ticket offering is.  With three DirecTV tuners you could put your favorite game up on the huge front projection screen, the other one you are keeping your eye on over on a side screen, and the NFL HD Mix channel up on the third which gives you an 8 game view.  You'll feel like you are in ESPN SportsCenter tracking all the games and those important Fantasy Football stats.

Also featured in our Panther Room is our great value front projection home theater.  In our Pineville store we have a really bright Epson projector which lets you have a really bright picture even with the lights up.  This is coupled with an Integra receiver and a Martin Logan speaker package.  You'll get an Oppo Blu-ray player, all the needed cables, a custom programmed remote and the best installation in town from the award winning Audio Advice team, all for under $10,000.  That can turn your bonus room or basement space into the neighborhood hang out for all the games this season.  Then you can talk to our team about the options for adding the additional TV's for even more fun.

The season is not that far off and there's not a better way to enjoy it than on a great Audio Advice front projection theater system!

Our great value theater coupled with even more TV’s!

Our great value theater coupled with even more TV’s!