9 Reasons to Buy from
Audio Advice this Holiday Season

With the rise of Amazon and more new audio brands than ever before, we know that you have a lot of options when it comes to where you can purchase your audio and home theater gear.

Before you make your final decision, let us make a case for why we believe you should shop at Audio Advice.

Our History

This year marks 40 years in business as Audio Advice was founded in Raleigh, NC in 1978. You can read all about our story and our founder here. When you purchase equipment, you want to be able to lean on your dealer in the case that something should go wrong or you have questions.

In the past few decades, most dealers in the US have simply gone out of business, leaving only a small handful of reputable companies with brick and mortar locations in addition to their websites. When you shop with us you can rest assured that we intend to be around for another 40 years and will always have your back.


Our Reputation

Our founder, Leon Shaw, is one of the most respected people in the audio industry. Everyone from other dealers, to brands, to the audio press value Audio Advice’s opinion. The key to our success is our unwavering dedication to our customers. We hire the best people, many of whom have been with us since the beginning.

We have four decades of designing and installing high-end audio systems and home theaters in our customers' homes. We’ve won countless awards, are one of the largest dealers and integrators on the east coast, and even one Specialty Dealer of the Year.

Our reputation is the reason high-performance brands trust us to also sell their products online. They know that we will ask the right questions, take care of our customers, and help them choose the right products for their needs.

Curated Products

We hand-pick all of the brands and products that we carry to ensure that the integrity of the company's, quality of the products, features, performance, design, and value are all considered.

We thoroughly test products before we ever decide to carry them and we pass on many more products and brands than we accept into our assortment. The products we carry are all good -- the question is whether they’re good for YOU and we can help you figure that out.

We also only carry products that enforce standard pricing, so you can shop with confidence. You will never be able to find our products for cheaper at any other authorized dealers. We have the same prices as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

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FREE 2-Day Shipping

While many online retailers these days offer free shipping, most do not offer free 2-Day Shipping. This is not a promotion, we offer it year round and on all orders. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, this is a benefit that you’re used to and we hope that by matching them that we can earn your business.


Authorized Dealer

We have a direct partnership with all of the manufacturers that we work with. If we don't know the answers to a question, we can find out. We offer the newest products, the latest promotions, and all of our products come with a manufacturers warranty. All of our products (unless noted as open-box) are factory-sealed, new-in-box.


Expert Advice

Some of our team members have been with Audio Advice for our entire 40-years in business. Most have decades of experience. We have turntable experts, two-channel experts, high-performance experts, headphone experts, home theater experts, etc. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help guide you to the right product for you and your system.

You can contact us through email, by phone, or chat us during business hours for an immediate response. We love helping our customers build their systems, so don’t be shy!

Original Content

We leverage our expertise to provide high-quality, comprehensive, original content for our customers. This includes buying guides, product reviews, setup guides, comparisons, and long-form feature articles.

Our customers love our content and rely on us to give them the details in a straightforward way that is easy to understand and fun to engage with, whether it’s written content on our website, posts on social media, or videos.



Lifetime Support

If you purchase from Audio Advice, you can rest assured that we will always be there to help you. Whether you have trouble setting up your new purchase the first time, or you’re having issues with a system you’ve had for years, you can count on us.

We Give Back

Both of our owners family’s have been personally affected by Cancer. It’s a fight that’s near and dear to our hearts. We partner with the Helene Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to help families with mothers going through Cancer treatment.

We donate 1% of all sales on AudioAdvice.com to the Helene Foundation in order to help them with their mission. We’ve been working with them for years and couldn’t be prouder of the difference they make in people’s lives in our community.