2023 Top Gifts For

2-Channel Enthusiasts

These great gift ideas will help fill your home with music over the holidays and throughout the year. Music just simply makes life more fun and our selection of receivers, speakers, amps, and more are sure to make your life better with music.

  1. HECO Aurora 700 Floorstanding Speaker w/o grill - white HECO Aurora 700 Floorstanding Speaker
    97% of 100
    Regular Price Regular Price From$599.00 - To$699.00 Final Price $489.00

The Aurora 700 3-way bass reflex speaker with its double bass configuration will present an impressive soundstage despite its slender dimensions. The coolest thing about this speaker is how the high-performance components inside its modern-looking cabinet are combined with a computer-optimized multi-wave front panel that ensures a wide dispersion pattern for a fantastic soundstage. We like how the wood decor creates a look that is very modern, and yet timeless & elegant at the same time.

JBL's Classic L100 is available for a very limited time in a rich gloss black finish. This iconic speaker was reintroduced with completely new parts in 2021 and has been a huge hit every since. The vintage design has a sound everyone loved in the 70s but with modern refinements for even more resolution. They just look super cool in this limited edition gloss black and will pair up great with both modern and vintage electronics.

  1. GoldenEar T66 Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Santa Barbara Red - Each front view of pair, one with grille, one without grille GoldenEar T66 Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Each
    Final Price From$3,450.00 - To$3,600.00

The new GoldenEar T66 packs a lot of sound into its slim but tall and deep cabinet. You'll get a built-in powered subwoofer, the classic GoldenEar tweeter for effortless extension, and their special midrange drivers that let you really hear the vocals and instruments. Set up properly, these can throw out a huge soundstage, and with a sensitivity of 91 dB, most amplifiers can drive them with ease. GoldenEar keeps winning awards for best sound for the money and the T66 certainly continues that tradition.

This audio powerhouse boasts a 5th generation Class G amplifier design for unparalleled sound quality and dynamics. The A25 features a USB-C input for your laptop and Bluetooth connectivity with Qualcomm AptX Adaptive technology, delivering high-quality sound from any source. It even pairs with Bluetooth headphones for a seamless listening experience.

We love the classic British sound the CXA81 is all about. If you have a music lover who could use a really good integrated amplifier with Bluetooth aptX HD onboard too, you will have them tapping their toes to the music when you give them this. The CXA81 has a very neutral, effortless sound that will pull your music lover deeper into the song.

  1. Marantz CD50N CD Player Marantz CD50n CD Player
    Final Price $1,800.00

The Marantz CD50n is far more than you might think at first glance. Yes, it is a world-class CD player with high-end ESS DAC's, but it is also a full-function digital preamp with multiple inputs including HDMI for getting TV sound into a two-channel system. On top of that you will have almost all the streaming services, voice control, Airplay 2 and Google built in too! Pack all of this into a beautiful retro-looking Marantz design and you have a great unit that can be your entire system with a power amp, or set it to fixed output and bring everything digital to your analog system.

  1. Bluesound PowerNode Wireless Music Streaming Amplifier, Black, front Bluesound PowerNode N330 Wireless Multi-Room Hi-Res Music Streaming Amplifier
    100% of 100
    Final Price $949.00

If you know an audiophile who wants to get into hi-res music streaming with the capability to cover the whole house in studio-quality music, then step up to the PowerNode N330. This streaming amplifier merges several traditional components into one & unlocks a world of high-fidelity streaming. A high-grade DAC delivers up to 24-bit/192 kHz of hi-res, studio-quality music, including support for FLAC, MQA, and many other popular formats.

  1. Close shot of the HIFI Rose RS150 Reference Network Streamer Front Panel in Black. HiFi Rose RS150 Reference HiFi Network Streamer
    Final Price $4,995.00

Now that music streaming can sound as good or better than CD's, music lovers are looking for a way to bring streaming to their systems. The new HIFi Rose RS-150 will satisfy even the most picky music lover, is easy to set up and they will just love the beautiful interface. This has been one of our top selling products this fall at Audio Advice due to how wonderful it sounds and the flexibility of set up.

This is one super neat little DAC that gives you audiophile sound at a very reasonable price. Simply connect it up to your system and you will have support for the latest Bluetooth HD, LDAC, USB with MQA support, and both coax and toslink inputs. If you have been thinking of adding Bluetooth capability to your legacy system, this is a one very good sounding unit with its high end Burr Brown DAC's.

  1. HiFi Rose RS250A High-Performance Network Streamer HiFi Rose RS250A High-Performance Network Streamer
    Final Price $2,695.00

HiFi Rose has set the audio world on fire with their out-of-the-box thinking on digital audio. You get top-of-the-line DAC's with state-of-the-art electronics in a package that is both beautiful to look at and very easy to use. The RS250A has become our best selling high performance streamer and for good reason. The 8.8" touch display is just beautiful and you get what can be your digital centerpiece as its a full-function digital preamp as well. Once you see and hear one of these in person, you will totally understand what all the fuss is about from the cool Korean HiFi company founded by music lovers from the tech business.

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