Sonos is far and away the best value in a music system on the planet. There is nothing else out there we know of that offers all the music in the world for such a great price! The Sonos interface for IOS or Android devices is second to none in ease of use.

One way Sonos keeps things simple, is just that, it’s a closed loop system. But at Audio Advice, we’ve gotten very creative in figuring out how to integrate Sonos into systems allowing for far more than just the great Sonos app.

Surround Sound Systems

So you’ve got or want a great surround sound system in your family room, but you also want the convenience of Sonos. How can you make this work and have one smart remote for the surround sound and keep using the Sonos app when you want to play music? The basic hook up is to just connect a Sonos player to the surround system, but then you have to pick up the home theater remote to change the volume. The team at Audio Advice has figured out a way to magically switch between the two! Use your surround system with the smart remote, or use only the Sonos app for music. Your main surround speakers will work for both systems and you’ll be amazed. Let us show you the magic of adding Sonos to your existing or new surround sound system!

Doorbell Interface

You’ve got the music cranking, having a great time and your doorbell rings. In most cases, you’ll be enjoying the music so much; you will not hear the doorbell. Or if you have outdoor speakers, there is probably zero chance you’ll hear it. What if we could add the ability to play a doorbell tone through a few of the speakers in your house wide music system? What if it even muted the music and played a doorbell tone at the same volume of the music that was playing? Would that not be cool? Again, our team of experts has figured out how to pull this off with a some magic boxes.

The great sounding Lexicon DD8 amp

The great sounding Lexicon DD8 amp

Hot Rodding Sonos

The Sonos amps sound great for the money, but if you’ve got some better speakers and want them to really crank, we’ve got a new solution that not only sounds incredible, but is the greenest piece of audio gear on the planet. The new Lexicon DD8 amp only consumes ½ a watt of power while idling, and very little power at all when providing 8 channels of 125/watts each. We couple one of these with some of the Sonos Connect players to give you just incredible audio performance. Everyone who has gotten this set up has been blown away with how much better it sounds. Now your great in-ceiling, bookshelf, or tower speakers can come to life! And don’t forget, improving your speakers is the easiest way out there to get better sound!

If you just have one set of speakers you want to amp up, the new Rialto from Audio Control is a great choice.  It has high performance Wolfson DAC's built in for better signal conversion and a powerfull 100 watts per channel.  At only $799, its a great way to get better sound from a Sonos Connect.

To learn more about the basics of Sonos, click here for our overview page.