Smart Home Security

Audio Advice is your top choice for smart home security systems in Raleigh, NC. An Audio Advice security system brings you peace of mind with the assurance that your home is equipped with the most advanced and reliable security technology available. A new home should be a place where you and your family feel safe, and today’s technology makes it easier than ever to have that necessary sense of security. Audio Advice is a fully licensed security contractor (License #2550-CSA).

Control4 Security Keypad

Smart Security

Audio Advice designs all of our systems, specifically to meet your personal security requirements. This includes creating zones of protection -- defined areas covered by specific sensors and detectors.  In the event of an alarm, having defined zones enables the home alarm systems to communicate the location as well as the type of alarm (i.e. intrusion or fire). Specially designed keypads make using advanced smart home security technology simple.

Control4 Security Camera

Eyes Everywhere

The homeowner looking for maximum-security coverage may consider adding security cameras to their smart home security system. When choosing a camera system for your home, you’ll first have to decide if you want something that is just a toy or the real deal.  Many budget-priced camera systems available today give you the option of viewing your security cameras on a smartphone, but they sacrifice what we feel is really important, and that’s the quality of the camera.

In the event of someone trespassing on your property, you’ll want to have as much picture detail later to try and identify the person or persons.  You’ll only get this with a serious camera.  When you consider a camera system we can help you understand the options which include multiple camera locations, night vision cameras,  and the recording of all camera activity.

Control4 Security Camera
Control4 Mobile Security Control

Control From Your Mobile Device

Our camera systems also have the ability to be able to be seen on your smartphone, iPad, and Mac or PC.  Higher-level security cameras and systems interface with the Audio Advice Signature Series home control system.  Audio Advice Security consultants are here to help you find the safety products it takes to make you and your family feel safe at home.  Our experts can design the perfect security system for your home using a combination of security cameras, wireless, and conventional technology to make your home safe!

Smart Home Automation Buying Guide

A typical home contains many technology systems. These may include whole house music, intercom, distributed video, networkingsecurity systemslighting and shading control, heating and cooling systems, cameras, pool and spa control, gate control, energy management, and more. A truly smart home ties all of these systems together into one seamless platform that is easily controlled. Explore our guide to understand the available options and how you can automate your home for fun, safety, and convenience. At Audio Advice we love smart homes so reach out to us so we can help turn your vision into a reality! 

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