HECO Aurora Sub 30A

Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer

HECO Item # D1348050NA

HECO Aurora Sub 30A

Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer

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The fact that the Aurora series doesn't compromise when it comes to the bass range is evident from the double bass configuration and generously dimensioned woofers featured by the two floorstanding models. Unrestrained bass fanatics, who need a certain something extra, or audiophile cinema enthusiasts, who consider subsonic frequencies to be essential, really can´t go wrong with the Aurora Sub 30 A. A 30 cm chassis, which is driven by a high-performance Class A/B power amplifier that boasts a maximum output of 250 watts, together with a bass range, which, despite the compact dimensions of the sub, delves deeply into the lower frequencies, combine to guarantee an impressive acoustic experience for music and film audio alike. The solid MDF housing has been designed in a particularly sturdy manner and provided with internal bracing to prevent disruptive resonance from occurring during reproduction of the huge bass range. In keeping with the other speakers in the series, the active subwoofer is also available in an "ebony black" or "ivory white" high-quality silk matte lacquer finish together with modern wood decor.

High Notes

Top Value Subwoofer

Usually for this price you get a smaller woofer in a generic box with a Class D amp. The Heco Aurora Sub gives you a 12" Kraft Paper Cone woofer, a true Class AB amp, and a cabinet made to reduce resonance. You will not find a better value subwoofer with this kind of beautiful design anywhere near this price.

German Designed & Engineered

We are really fond of Heco's German engineered Kraft Paper Cone and love the fact they engineered a special 12" ultra stiff and long throw version for the Aurora Sub. When you put this in their anti resonante cabinet with the special L-shaped resin piece you get some very innovative German design.

Class AB Amp With Great Controls

Look at any high performance power amp and you will find it uses Class AB technology. Heco does the same with the amp for the Aurora Sub, it costs more but delivers more accurate bass. We like they added a phase control for more placement flexibility and great connectors.

The German designed and engineered Heco Sub 30A is an unbelievable subwoofer for its cost. A great subwoofer should go deep, be very fast, and be able to accurately reproduce music and special effects. That takes an excellent speaker driver, a capable amplifier, and a very inert cabinet that will not resonate. The Sub 30A covers all these points like nothing we have seen for the price.

Heco uses a classic mid century type cone for the woofer design, literally injected with modern technology. Their famous Kraft paper cone consists of renewable source pulp with German made wool fibers for great stiffness. This 12” driver is super fast and reaches very deep.

It is powered by a real class A/B power amp with audiophile type adjustment controls on the rear. The cabinet itself is almost 1” thick with a really great L shaped baffle made from a totally dead resin material to completely eliminate resonance.

Add the Sub 30A to your system and experience what bass should really sound like.

Details & Specs


  • Modern design: Silk-matt lacquer combined with modern wood decors
  • Powerful active subwoofer with 30 cm high-power woofer and high-performance amplifier
  • Sturdy MDF enclosure with one-piece front/top L profile for optimum resonance damping
  • Innovative Extended Surface Dampers (ESD)
  • Removable cloth protection cover with hidden magnetic mounts


  • Front and top side in high-quality semi-matte painting
  • Innovative Extended Surface Damper (ESD) for a safe grip
  • Bass reflex construction with airflow-optimized and screwed reflex tube
  • Very solid construction


  • Active SPL equalization
  • Real-time Limiter (rt-limiter)
  • High-performance class AB amplifier
  • Low standby power consumption (<0.5 watt)


Powered bassreflex subwoofer


300mm Woofer


50 - 150 Hz adjustable


125 / 250 Watts


20 - 150 Hz


  • Cabinet: 250 x 465 x 415 mm
  • Dimensions (wxhxd) incl. terminal and feet: 350 x 465 x 445 mm


19.5 kg

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UPC 810072330185
Warranty 5-years warranty for HECO HiFi speakers and a 2-years warranty for HECO HiFi-electronic component.
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