The term 'techorating' was invented to describe the blending of today's increasingly stylish technology with the home environment, and is beginning to get attention as seen in the video report linked and excerpted below:

A growing decorating trend called techorating is generating a lot of buzz. The term is the blending of modern technology with the art of decorating to create a functional, yet stylish environment.

Technology and design expert Janna Robinson was with us on 9NEWS 8 a.m.

"The beauty of techorating is that anyone can incorporate cool, up-to-date electronics into their interior if they have the right technology," said Robinson. "It's important to say 'goodbye clutter' and 'hello technology' while remaining true to your own style."

Read the rest of the summary and see the video at the link: 'Techorating' a way to mix tech, decor, style