If you want to give yourself a pair of speakers as a treat for a great year, Wilson’s new Alexia should be on your short list.  The Alexia has been blowing away everyone who sits in front of them! Wilson Audio has been making high performance speakers in Provo, UT for decades. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. One example we like is the effort they put into something as simple as the owner’s manual! (Ask us to show you one next time you are in the store.)

 When you hear the Alexia, you’ll feel like the performers are life size and directly in front of you. Bass reaches down to the lowest octaves, with the combination of high tech cabinetry and Wilson’s magical driver technology producing a sound so effortless you forget you are listening to speakers.

Even if a $48,500 pair of speakers is not on your list, we invite you to experience these for yourself. We guarantee your jaw will hit the floor! (Alexia in RTP showroom only, pictured above.)

In-depth review of the Wilson Audio Alexias here.