PSB’s M4U-2 is the award-winningest headphone on the planet. PSB founder Paul Barton spent hundreds of hours in acoustic labs at the NRC (Canada’s National Research Center) testing how the human ear and headphones interact. The result is one of the best sounding headphones around and without question, the best for the money.

The M4U-2 has a very smooth, neutral sound that never fatigues. It folds up inside the travel case, making the perfect companion for great sound on the go. An added bonus is noise cancelling with a twist. A simple squeeze of the button on the cord turns off noise cancelling, letting you hear outside the headphones to give your drink order without having to take them off! The noise cancelling is among the best on the market as well. The M4U-2 is $399 and a new model, the M4U-1 comes without noise cancelling for $299.

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