Mike Kelly of Aerial Acoustics is one of our favorite speaker designers. Aerials have a unique sonic character - they are so smooth and uncolored, the longer you listen the more you realize how great they sound.

Another characteristic of Aerial speakers is the sheer beauty of their design. Mike designs all of his speaker cabinets and has them made by the finest craftsmen. Not only are they acoustically awesome, they look incredibly beautiful! And speaking of acoustics, the midrange drivers and woofers are very special designs and made to high specifications in Denmark. The tweeters are high-end Scan Speak ring domes.

The 7T has been our best-selling Aerial model since it hit our showrooms. The 7Ts are worth every penny of their $9995 per pair cost. While they sound great on a decent receiver, a good amplifier will really make them shine.  Visit our showrooms and hear what you’ve been missing!

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