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With so many different environments people need to place speakers, we believe it takes a large selection to satisfy the needs of all our customers. That’s why Audio Advice has one of the largest and best selections of high-performance speakers and audio components in the US.

How do you determine the right set of speakers for your music system? You can read and read until you are so confused you have no idea what do to, but it’s really quite simple. Bring some of your favorite music to our showroom and let us help. You can listen to a variety of speakers and find the ones that suit your tastes.

Below (in alphabetical order) are brief descriptions of some of the premium speaker brands available at Audio Advice.

Aerial Acoustics Model 7T Speakers

Aerial Acoustics

Beautifully finished bookshelf and floor standing  speakers.   These have a very warm sound and require good power for best performance. The Aerial Model 7T has become our most popular high-performance speaker. Aerial also offers the Model 6T  and Model 5T, each offering many of the characteristics of the Model 7T, but in a smaller package.

Bowers and Wilkins (B&W)

A complete range of all speaker types. Designed (and primarily made) in the UK, Bowers & Wilkins is our most popular brand. They are used in recording studios all over the world, which means they must be natural sounding and not fatiguing. They are typically easy to drive with a modestly powered amp or receiver. B&W offers some incredible new theater packages with real value for the money.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond Speakers
GoldenEar Technology Triton Series Speakers

GoldenEar Technology

Speakers designed by audio industry legend Sandy Gross have garnered amazing reviews since we were among the first to introduce them at Music Matters a few years back. Since their introduction, the line has grown to include incredible soundbars and some of the most highly rated floor standing speakers in the world.

JBL Synthesis

When you are ready for the ultimate home theater speaker system, JBL Synthesis is without question the best choice! With almost 70 years of engineering experience behind them, JBL Synthesis puts the sound of the best commercial movie theaters in your home. Horn drivers are used for much greater dynamics and efficiency.

The real secret is JBL’s Arcos room correction. This system adjusts for the acoustic anomalies found in any room to give you sound you must hear to believe.  Many of the speakers used in the Synthesis system are also available for the most dynamic 2 channel system you will experience.

JBL Synthesis Everest Speakers
JL Audio e-sub

JL Audio

The best-made subwoofers you will find. Top rated in all the journals.  With the introduction of their e-series subs, JL is now more affordable than ever.


From Minnesota, the inventors of planar speakers. Audio Advice has sold Magnepan since 1979. These have always been considered a great value among audio enthusiasts and remain so to this day. Magnepans are only about 1.5” thick.

Magnepan Electrostatic Speakers
MartinLogan Electrostatic (ESL) Speakers - Ethos


Electrostatic speakers from Kansas. The most popular brand of electrostatics ever. Striking contemporary design. Audio Advice is the number one MartinLogan dealer in the Southeast United States, and the only Reserve dealer in Raleigh and Charlotte. See and hear the exclusive MartinLogan models at Audio Advice that aren’t available elsewhere in our area.


From Paul Barton comes the most highly reviewed and top rated line of speakers in existence today.  PSB is all about value for the money.  Come see why these get outstanding reviews from all over the world.

PSB Imagine T3 tower speakers
Sonance outdoor landscape speakers


The Sonance Landscape Series is our favorite outdoor speaker line.  Imagine just seeing small objects hidden in your plantings that appear to be landscape lights.  These are spread all around your back yard to provide very even coverage of sound. Literally earth shaking bass is provided by a subwoofer you bury in the ground!

Sonance has a wide array of sizes and systems to choose from.  Come hear why this outdoor speaker system sounds as good as some of the best speakers you will ever experience.


Audio Advice has been a Vandersteen dealer since 1981. These speakers have been a top value leader in the press since their inception. Audiophiles all over the world know the name and recommend them to their friends. Most models are full range floor standing speakers.

Vandersteen Treo speakers

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