Auditorium 23 Hommage Turntable Mat

Auditorium 23

Auditorium 23 Hommage Turntable Mat

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The Auditorium 23 Hommage record mat rejects the static cling that plagues many stock mats.

High Notes

Eliminates Felt Mat Static Cling

The Homage mat is made of 3 layers of material which totally eliminate the static cling we see in felt mats. You will not have dust transfer from your records to your mat and no longer will your record stick to the mat.

German Designed and Made

The triple layer Hommage 23 mat was the result of tremendous testing both of materials and listening. The goal was to make a mat that not only eliminated static but offered big audio improvements as well..

Multiple Audio Benefits

The Hommage 23 to our ears, just flat makes your records sound better. We even hear a slight reduction in surface noise as well. It is light enough and thin enough to work on most turntables.

Auditorium 23 Hommage Mat

The Auditorium 23 Hommage Turntable Mat is made quite differently from the standard Auditorium 23 model. There is no information available about its construction but to the eye, it appears to be made of three layers of material. There is what feels like a textured wool on the top and bottom with something that is probably stiff in the center. What that is, we do not know, but this mat does not flop around like a felt mat and is a little stiff although it still easily bends.

We think this is still a very good replacement for most felt mats with one small caveat. It does not weigh that much more at only 100 grams, but it is slightly thicker than a typical felt mat at 2.5 mm thick. With this only 1 mm more than the average felt mat in thickness, it should work well on most tables without needing to adjust the VTA unless you have a cartridge that is super sensitive to VTA changes.

Just like with the standard Auditorium 23 mat, we had no static problems with the mat sticking to the record, and this one does not seem to hold any dust or small particles either.

The audio improvements we heard with the standard version jumped out even more to us with this mat. Dynamics really came to life and the texture of voices improved quite a bit. It also felt like to us we were hearing less surface noise, although we can not explain why.

Obviously a mat in this price range is not going to find a home on $400-$600 turntables, but if you have a higher end table with a felt type mat it's a great choice to get rid of static issues and improve your sound at the same time.

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