Did you know music is literally everywhere? Yes, it’s in the air, on your computer, all over the internet,  on your phone, and probably sitting with dust on your shelves! There is a revolution going on in the music world.  An amazing amount of music can be at your fingertips, with ease of use and selection like nothing you have ever seen. The ability to discover new artists will boggle your mind.

At Digital Living, we'll show you how to find it, use it, and make it sound the very best! You will learn about the music revolution, and have a ton of fun.  And if that's not enough, there's more!

Did you know the iPad is changing the landscape of home control more than anything since the thermostat? It's incredible what you and an iPad can do. We'll show you exciting things that you never dreamed possible. From something as simple as iPad music control in your home, to our sophisticated Signature Series total home control system (enabling control at home and from anywhere in the world), we'll educate and amaze you!

Who's coming

Sonos: My favorite streaming music system for the money. It does music only, and it does it really well. For as little as $349 you can pipe in the world of “music in the air” to your home!


Classé: If you're already into computer music, Classé has a new stereo preamp that blew me away.  Come see and hear everything this very cool new piece can do to make computer music sound unbelievable.

Apple: Want to know how to get the most out of iTunes? We'll show you with our friends from the local Apple store. Don't miss this informative session that is always packed.

AudioQuest: A cable company? Yes! Steve Silberman, formerly of Ayre Acoustics (one of our favorite U.S. high performance audio companies), will show you how he is bringing AudioQuest into the digital music revolution. Did you know the cables transporting your digital music streams make a big difference in the performance? Steve will show you why, and do some great presentations. We hope to hear a demo of their new Firewire cable.

Control4: See the new Control4 iPad app that makes home automation very affordable. We'll also show off their new 7 inch, intercom capable touchpanel.

Peachtree Audio: Our friends from Peachtree make some great little integrated amps made just for computer audio. I've got one sitting on my desk at home, and it’s pretty cool! See and hear how Peachtree is a great way to get started in the computer audio revolution.

Lutron: The Lutron RadioRA2 system is one of the most advanced, yet cost effective lighting control solutions on the market. I liked it so much, I put it in my own home! Their new iPad app takes RA2 to whole new level of control.

Kaleidescape: From the inventors of video servers, Kaleidescape will be showing new ways to get a Kaleidescape system for far less than ever before.  Their new music browser is especially cool!

Audio Advice Signature System: Scott Newnam, our CEO and technophile, or Greg Soli, our resident programming wizard, will show off the latest edition of our incredible home control system. Scott and Greg developed a custom iPad app (with the help of some of you in focus groups) that can do almost anything you can imagine. The interface is so simple, your grandmother can figure it out. (Literally, I'm not kidding, it’s happened!)

We hope to see you at the July Digital Living evening in Raleigh (8621 Glenwood Ave.) on Thursday July 21, or in Charlotte at our Pineville showroom (11409 Carolina Place Parkway, near Carolina Place Mall) on Friday July 22. Both events will last from 6 PM to 9 PM.

If you plan to attend, please help us plan by sending an RSVP to event@audioadvice.com with your name, the location where you will be attending, and the number in your party.

Good food, good friends and a great education!