1. North Carolina's Headphone Headquarters

    North Carolina's Headphone Headquarters
    Audio Advice has greatly expanded our selection of headphones in 2015. The headphone industry has exploded over the last 5 years with many new brands emerging. For those interested in a great pair of headphones to enjoy their music, the number of choices can make you shopping experience daunting! The fact is, many of the headphone brands that have become popular are marketed and sold purely as trendy fashion accessory. They don’t sound very good, and the sad thing is, the average consumer may not know what they’re missing! We’ve spent a lot of time testing and culling through products to find the best sounding headphones on the market. For us, it’s about much more than a trendy logo or a celebrity endorsement.
  2. PSB Speakers Imagine T3 Review

    PSB Speakers Imagine T3 Review
    PSB speakers continue to amaze me at the value they offer. I’ve been on some trips with and come to know Paul Barton, the designing force and namesake behind PSB. One question I have continued to ask him is: when is he coming out with something really special that represents the best speaker he can do? Well, the answer is now!
  3. Making music with PSB's Imagine X series

    Making music with PSB's Imagine X series
    The new Imagine X series has two floor standing speakers, a bookshelf and center channel. They are all great values as you would expect from PSB, but these little $900 per pair Imagine X1s just flat out rock for the money!
  4. Gift Guide 2013: PSB Alpha PS1

    Gift Guide 2013: PSB Alpha PS1
    These little guys are the brainchild of Paul Barton, founder of PSB Speakers.  He’s put his 40 plus years of speaker building experience into these tiny computer speakers. But the size is the only tiny part. Connect the Alpha PS1s to your work station and you’ll have great sound to inspire you while plowing through email, spreadsheets, or whatever you...
  5. Gift Guide 2013: PSB M4U-2 Headphones

    Gift Guide 2013: PSB M4U-2 Headphones
    PSB’s M4U-2 is the award-winningest headphone on the planet. PSB founder Paul Barton spent hundreds of hours in acoustic labs at the NRC (Canada’s National Research Center) testing how the human ear and headphones interact. The result is one of the best sounding headphones around and without question, the best for the money. The M4U-2 has a very smooth, neutral...

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