We've now had the new 55" and 65" Sony 4K TV's in our stores for about a month.  I have to say, every time I walk by the set, my jaw still drops!  These guys just look amazing.

Several lucky customers have already had these installed in their homes and are now enjoying the most beautiful picture you can get out of a flat screen TV.  And in a real turn around in TV sound, Sony put some pretty decent speakers on these new sets.  If this is not your primary TV, they work really well for just normal casual audio.

Even on current 1080p or 1080i content, the picture will make you go, wow!  Black levels are so good on these sets, when you put on a 2:35 movie, the black area is identical in color to the black frame of the TV.  We've not seen any LED set in the past pull off such great black levels.

The future also looks great for 4k content.  Sony has announced their new 4K player will ship in July and only be $700.  It will come pre-loaded with about 10 4K movies to enjoy.  We do not yet know how much they will cost to purchase or if there will be a rent to watch once method.  What we do know, and this is incredibly well thought out (and a surprise for us and most mfg's usually miss the boat on things like this), the player is set up perfectly for a 4K TV in an older system.  Most current A/V receivers and processors can not pass a 4K signal through their HDMI inputs.  In a brilliant move, Sony put 2 sets of HDMI outs on the upcoming player. One will pass both 4K video and audio, the other passes audio.  This will let us run an HDMI direct to your new 4K for the best picture and route the audio to your A/V receiver or processor!  You can keep your current gear and get all the great benefits by just adding a 4K TV and the player.  Very cool!

Sony 4k Player at Audio Advice

The upcoming 4K player

We invite you to come in and check out the new 65" and 55" sets from Sony, you'll probably be picking your jaw up off the floor!  The 55" is $4995 and the 65" is $6995.