Streaming music is rapidly replacing physical music delivery. With the advent of Pandora, Spotify and more, many people have switched to these services for their music. With high resolution streaming from Deezer and Tidal plus high rez downloads from many sources, it's looking like the CD player is probably going the way of the 8 track. By far and away our most popular piece to access this great content is the Sonos Wireless Music System.

The Sonos interface on a tablet or phone makes it simple for you to access this huge variety of content. One catch has kept it from being a perfect system. For most existing systems adding Sonos has been simply hooking up the Sonos Connect (or ZP-90 as it used to be named) to your audio system. You need to use your phone or tablet to choose your music and the remote control for your sound system to turn on the room, select the right source, and control the volume. We have a technical term for this- dueling remotes! Well, the fight is over with the new receivers from Sony ES.

Sony has introduced three new home theater receivers: the STR-ZA1000ES, STR-ZA2000ES, and STR-ZA3000ES. As you move up in the line you get more power, inputs and a few more features. The really big deal for us is full Sonos integration! Imagine this: when you want to play music in the room where your Sony ES receiver is, you simply choose that room on your Sonos app and the receiver automatically turns on and selects the input for your Sonos player. Instead of using the system remote to control the volume, it's controlled from the Sonos app! Super slick! Then, when you want to watch TV you just use your system remote.

We've tested these new Sony ES receivers in several of our own homes over the last few weeks. The Sonos integration has been just magical with no glitches at all. With the STR-ZA1000ES only $899, it can be the heart of a great surround or media room system and let you seamlessly add Sonos integration. Another cool feature Sony has come up with is for theater or media room situations where the front left, center, and right speakers need to be in the ceiling. We make adjustments to the receiver for you during set up and tell the receiver to use Sony's algorithm which moves the sound field down so it sounds more like it's coming from the same level as your TV. (This is pretty darn cool.) Finally, ES receivers pack one heck of a warranty - the longest in the AV business: a full 5 year warranty on parts and labor.

We have these in both our Raleigh and Charlotte showrooms for you to check out. You will also appreciate the very clean appearance. They have a cover that is removable for set up and calibration, giving the receiver a very sleek look when back in place. Come by and check the new ES line of receivers out!