The PSB M4U2 took the audio world by storm in early 2012.  Nothing we have heard even comes close for the price.  Our earlier blog describes them in full detail. The M4U2 offers both a passive and active noise cancelling listening mode.  The team at PSB determined that not every headphone listener spends a lot of time on airplanes where the noise cancelling mode is typically used, so they took that feature out and had a new model for $100 less.

That new model is the  M4U1, and it performs identically to the M4U2 in the passive mode, which makes it even more impressive! You also get the same great folding design, removable cable, and lightweight carrying case. The M4U1 will be available in a red or grey finish and should definitely be on your list if you are shopping for headphones anywhere under $500.  At $299, it’s a real steal!