Audio Advice has installed thousands of home theaters over the last 30 years. That means a lot of you probably have an older receiver or preamp at the heart of your system. I can think of so many of you right off hand that have an old Rotel, Arcam, Lexicon, Sony, Marantz, Pioneer, or Integra piece. You’ve just been hanging on, waiting for a good reason to upgrade. Well, the stars have officially aligned!

Now is the Time!

Over the past several years, a lot of things have been up in the air with regard to home theater technologies. Examples include 4K, HDCP encryption of 4K content, the various new surround modes including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, streaming audio, Airplay, and how to properly send a video signal a long distance without signal loss.

We’ve all been wondering when the dust would settle and clarity would emerge.  That time is now!

  • HDCP 2.2 is now the standard for 4K video encryption.
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS-X are the clear winners for the long term future of surround sound with their object based audio processing.
  • Streaming services now comprise everything and anything from Bluetooth to Airplay with Pandora and Spotify having a huge market share.
  • A new, super reliable standard called HDbaseT has come out to send 4K video over an Ethernet cable is out and very stable.

There are no more feature questions, this is what you will want for the foreseeable future.  The question was, when would one unit have all this stuff?  The answer is Integra and its right now!

Integra Has it All.

Over the last several years, we’ve had many customers replace their old, failed processors with an Integra preamp. They seem to be consistently amazed at how much better the Integra units sound than their old ones, despite being a fraction of what they paid originally.

In home theater, your signal is in a pure, digital form. Digital audio processing has improved by leaps and bounds over the last several years.  So the path your sound is taking is much better in terms of resolution, space, and dynamics.  

Secondly, Integra just flat builds things like a tank!  Their power supplies are massive, they pay attention to how their circuit boards are done, and they do not skimp on parts quality.  Their gear is truly built to a very high audio standard.

4 Integra Models Deserve Serious Consideration.

Integra DHC-60.7 Preamp

Integra DHC-60.7 Preamp

Let’s start with the new Integra DHC-60.7 preamp.  It’s got everything I’ve mentioned above.  So with the addition of some height speakers and a stereo power amp, you can make the move to Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, have the latest processing to handle 4K video. Not to mention the fact that it’s just one heck of a great sounding preamp.  

Your $2000 gets you all the latest with 7 HDMI inputs, fully balanced outputs, 5 digital inputs, all the latest in streaming, and more.  This beast does not even have an amplifier in it, yet weighs in at almost 35 pounds.

The DTR-30.7, DTR-40.7, and DTR-50.7 have varying amounts of channels to get you into Atmos and DTS-X depending on your speaker configuration.  

The Integra DTR-30.7 at $1100 is a great way to get into Dolby Atmos and DTS-X.  It will support a set of side speakers and either a set of rears or object-based height channels.  So if you currently have a 5-channel surround sound system, this guy and a pair of speakers can get you into the Atmos experience!

The Integra DTR-40.7 at $1400 gets you a few more watts of power, but more importantly a much bigger power supply.  You also gain THX certification and the HDbaseT connection for long video runs.

Integra DTR-50.7 Receiver

Integra DTR-50.7 Receiver

The new Integra DTR-50.7 packs in a lot more for $1700.  It’s all about the audio performance with more connectivity.   Its power amp stage can deliver up to 40 amps of current to make your speakers pay attention, and you gain an HDMI input, giving it 8 total (5 are 2.2 compliant).  But you better make sure your shelving is up to the task as it weighs in just shy of 40 pounds! 

If you’d like to see these components in action, contact us using the form on this page, or visit one of our North Carolina showrooms.