The boxes are all in the recycling bin and you are staring at that nice pair of wool socks. Yep, they will be warm by the fire, but did they satisfy that audio itch for some better sound this season?

Well, it’s not too late! We asked our audio elves what they would all wish for after the busy holiday season. Unlike those socks, this gear will still be giving years and years from now. That’s right, great, well made audio components can have a twenty to forty year life span, sometimes longer! So when you think about the cost per year, why not reward yourself with something better?


So you were at a friend’s home this holiday season and they had some vinyl playing. You decided it’s time to brush off those old records and get back into it! Here are three great tables that will give you great sound for years to come, without tearing up your record grooves like the cheap tables you find in the big box stores.

Our best selling turntable and for good reason. It’s been refined over the years and just keeps getting better.
If you pair the Planar 6 with Rega’s new Aria cartridge, you’ll approach the performance of turntables costing twice as much and more. This is one heck of a great sounding turntable.
The entry level Orbit is probably one of the best turntable values around. It will get far more information out of the record grooves than those all in one suitcase turntables!


If you hosted this holiday season, you’re probably ready for some quiet time. A great pair of headphones can outperform speakers costing 2-3 times their price and give you that sense of escape you’re looking for.

PX’s active noise cancelling signal has been refined to block out ambient sound without affecting the listening experience. With three environment filters (Flight, City and Office) controlled through the companion app, PX always delivers optimum isolation, wherever you are.
Material quality is super high for a headphone under $300. They feel like they could take years of travel without missing a beat!
Sony headphones are famous for comfort and accurate sound loved by recording engineers. Slip these on your head and you’ll listen for hours.


If you’ve got lots of travel coming up in the new year, make that airplane time literally “fly” by with music. A solid portable music player or DAC attached to your phone will make the most of high-performance headphones. For true audio nirvana, step up to a portable that let’s you take your Hi-Res music with you!

With its world-class audio path, you can use the KANN on-the-go or at home to give you great sound. Add in the fact it has Tidal, can stream in from your network, and be used as a USB DAC, you have a virtual swiss army knife type component.

From native DSD, to the analog volume control, to 192kHz/24, this player seems like it should cost 4 times as much!

From Sony’s new Signature Walkman series, this guy is built like a tank, feels great in your hand and can play any Hi-Res you throw at it. We have really fallen in love with the new Sony Signature Series!

Tower Speakers

Is it time to replace those old tower’s you have for 30 years? As far as investments in your listening goes, nothing offers more than a pair of well-made tower speakers. Break the cost out over 30-40 years and it’s well worth stepping up, especially if it’s something you enjoy every day.

Aerial Acoustics 7t

The best-selling high-performance speaker at Audio Advice. Beautifully made and able to fill any room with incredible sound.

Aerial Acoustics 7t
Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT

Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT

Audio Advice has been a fan of Vandersteen speakers for over 35 years. The Quattro Wood CT has amazed everyone who has taken them home. Fantastic sound, especially when you consider their small footprint.

B&W 800 Series

With over 800 refinements, the new B&W Diamonds are a true masterpiece. The 802D3 has already become the choice of recording studios the world over.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond

Happy New Year, and Happy Listening!

If you’re a music-lover, listening to more music is a great New Years resolution. Your body and mind will thank you for the escape. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us at or visit our showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina to experience these products first-hand. Happy New Year!