Let's face it, the world of Airplay devices is growing by leaps and bounds.  Nothing we have seen as a stand alone unit performs better than the new B&W A7!

The design is a classic beauty, since it works with Airplay, there is no need for any connections at all.

Inside the beautiful box are 4 stereo drivers coupled with a 6" subwoofer.  They are all independently driven by five channels of amplification.  The DAC used in the A7 is capable of 24/96 so it even takes your stream and upconverts it for better audio!

Sum all this up and you have one heck of a great sounding unit.

The free B&W setup app is really slick so you'll be up and running in just a couple of minutes.  And, should you want to fill your house with A7's or some of the smaller A5's, you can name them and create a whole system of them!

Check out this cool video on all of the features included with the A7.

We've got the A7 set up in both our stores, please come by and experience the A7!