Audio Advice was one of 12 retailers in the USA chosen to unveil 4K technology with the Sony 84” 4K TV. To read more, click here. If you were lucky enough to attend our event or have been in our store, you know what we mean when we say 4K is a true game changer.

Shortly after the 84” came out, Sony introduced 65” and 55” 4K models with built in speakers. Just like the 84” 4K set, the picture is just stunning. At Audio Advice, these new models have found their way into lots of family rooms and media systems already with many more slated for delivery. In every single case, the people purchasing these are just simply thrilled with the picture. Some have liked it so much, they purchased a second one for another room!

Sony is by far and away the leader in 4K as they cover the entire technology from end to end. They now have 4K movie cameras, 4K production, 4K post production, 4K commercial cinema, and now 4K for the home. The latest piece to come out is their 4K movie server. For some early details, click here.

With the great picture 4K movies have, they actually have 5 times the data that is on a Blu-ray disc! Sony solved this with a server that trickles in content over the internet. The new server comes with a 2TB hard drive with the ability to add more storage. Right now, the engineers at Sony are going through their entire library of films, picking the greatest hits and converting them frame by frame to 4K. I spoke to someone who witnessed this and he said it is an incredibly tedious process. (Can you imagine frame by frame conversion? There are 24 frames per second in a film!) Sony will soon have a huge stack of movies available for purchase in their upcoming 4K store.

The latest 4K news is the addition of two more TV models. These share the same technology as the original 55" and 65” sets, but do not come with the speakers. They will be shipping in a few weeks and will be priced at $4999 for the 65” and $3499 for the 55”. We expect these to be extremely popular and already have a number of pre-orders.

Audio Advice feels that 4K is the real deal and brings into the home an entirely new viewing experience. We’ll soon see 4K TV content as the 2014 World Cup will be done in 4K. (How is to be determined.)

One other benefit these sets offer is passive 3D. While we have never been big fans of 3D, passive 3D works really well and does NOT give yours truly a headache like active 3D does. It’s actually pretty cool to watch for a few minutes, but to tell you the truth, I’d far rather watch non 3D 4K content.

We have to hand it to Sony having the guts to introduce to the world something that is really better, even though it costs a lot more than a typical 55" or 65” TV. Watch for the same thing to happen soon from Sony in the music world. They own the largest library of music out there and are doing the same thing to it as they are doing to their film library. We’ll soon see high resolution DSD audio files coming and a new network audio player from Sony that promises to be very cool. More about that as we learn more!

If you have not stopped by to get a demo, please do so. We’ve got 4K servers set up to show you just how big a jump 4K is.