Netflix announced at CES they would have 4K content coming this year.  This is a very interesting move. If they get this right, and continue to come up with original content, Netflix could begin to give the networks some competition. This in turn should force them to figure out how to deliver 4K content.   All of that is good news for those of us craving a great picture (and, of course, something worthwhile to watch).  While the initial release will be a couple of nature clips and the 2nd season of their first major in-house content, House of Cards, it remains to be seen how good this will actually look.  Netflix is compressing the signal over 100 times to get it to be able to go down a 15.6 mega bit per second pipe.   The soon to be upgraded Netflix app coupled to some chip technology in 4K TV's will decode the signal.  Netflix showed it at CES on a 50 mbs pipe and reports are it looked very good.

While Netflix, in their press release, said the technology to decode the content would be on chip sets on the new upcoming 4K TV's, they showed it off on a current Sony 55" set.  We believe if you have a current Sony 4K set, you will be able to get the 4K streaming content.

Rest assured, when this comes to be, Audio Advice will be here to help you get the most out of 4K streaming.  If you are like me, you prefer an Apple TV over the TV apps for Netflix.  With the new 4K streaming, we'll have to use the app on the TV, which will present challenges getting the audio part of the signal back to your system.  We've already played around with this and determined the best way to do it for most Audio Advice installed systems. Stay tuned for more news on this exciting announcement!