JBL Synthesis Home Theater Speaker System Overview

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At Audio Advice, we are an exclusive nationwide online dealer for JBL Synthesis products. When you choose JBL Synthesis for your home theater, our team of home theater designers and installers will work closely with JBL engineers to help you every step of the way on your home theater journey.

The JBL Synthesis brand offers a wide range of complete home theater audio systems designed as complete systems to bring the sound of the best commercial movie theaters into your home.  To understand how this great brand came to be, we need to look back at a bit of history.   

It was way back in the 1930s when movie theater sound was becoming more about the experience that JBL got involved. The speakers designed by James B Lansing were some of the best in the day and even won an Academy Award in 1937. Later, in 1969, JBL speakers were chosen for sound at the Woodstock Music Festival.  

In 1983, when LucasFilm decided to develop THX sound for commercial theaters, they chose JBL to be their partner. The next year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences selected JBL components for the new sound system in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

In the early 1990s, front projection systems started to emerge that enabled people to recreate the commercial movie theater experience in their homes. This was the birth of home theater. JBL looked at how they could provide the same incredible movie theater sound experience they had been doing for decades in the commercial world in people’s homes.

As a result, JBL Synthesis was born in 1992. JBL Synthesis from day one was a speaker system with amplifiers, room tuning, and surround sound processors that guaranteed the best possible sound for a residential home theater.

High-Performance Compression Drivers

If you look at the market for home theater speaker packages, there are literally thousands of combinations from over 100 manufacturers on the market today. Most use conventional speaker technology such as a soft dome tweeter while a select few use compression driver technology that is capable of wide dynamic range. 

It is interesting to know that all commercial theaters use compression drivers because they can instantly go from playing soft notes to filling an entire theater with sound without distorting. 

A well-designed compression driver system is capable of giving you that incredible impact of an explosion or gunshot, yet will also easily reveal very small changes in volume which enable you to hear subtle emotions in the voices of the actors and actresses. 

It goes without saying, all JBL Synthesis speaker components use compression driver technology that trickled down from high-performance JBL speakers used in commercial cinemas and the most demanding touring systems.

Design Tailored To Your Needs

A JBL Synthesis system is far more than just putting together a list of components. The first step is a full evaluation of your space. 

JBL Synthesis engineers work with your dealer to design a turnkey package that will be able to provide a cinematic audio experience in your space and meet your budget goals.

We work directly with JBL Synthesis engineers to design a turnkey package that compliments the dimensions of your room, the acoustic treatment of your room and even thinking through the aesthetics you are going for. 

JBL Synthesis has a large variety of high-performance speakers designed for many different use cases so you can pull off a JBL Synthesis theater in just about any room whether you are hiding the speakers or you want the full in-room speaker look. 

The advanced compression drives and waveguides on JBL Synthesis speakers have very specific dispersion characteristics which enable your dealer and JBL to maximize performance through the primary seating positions while also controlling unwanted reflections. 

This is where the design really comes in. We actually have a full customer showcase video featuring an incredible 9.4.4 JBL Synthesis home theater system. If you are interested in a JBL Synthesis theater, this is a great video to watch.

After the speaker package is determined, your dealer and JBL will select the best way to drive the speakers which could be as simple as a JBL Synthesis home theater receiver or JBL Synthesis separate audio components. 

The audio component choice is based upon the number of channels and the cubic footage of the space to enable your system to reach realistic commercial theater audio levels with the appropriate amount of reserve to do it right. 

All JBL Synthesis systems have Dirac room calibration which is the advanced software used to calibrate the final sound after installation. This adjusts for room resonances and other factors to give you the best sounding system possible. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dirac room calibration, check out our Dirac Live Tips & Tricks Setup Guide.

Once all of the components, acoustic treatments, interior decor, and seating are in place, your system will be calibrated to meet the Harman target frequency response curve. 

This aspect may involve an on-site engineer from your dealer such as Audio Advice for the most complex installations or in some cases Audio Advice will work remotely over video conference with advanced customers using the calibrated microphone and the software that comes with the JBL Synthesis home theater AV receiver or surround sound processor.

JBL Synthesis Models

Since its beginning in 1992, JBL Synthesis has evolved to cover a wider range of home theater sizes and budgets. JBL has pushed the envelope at the top end of the Synthesis range to incredible levels and is synonymous with ultra-high-performance theaters. 

In addition, by using some trickle-down technology, there is now an expanded series of Synthesis components that makes entry level into a Synthesis more affordable for those who want performance with a tighter budget.

For speakers, there are now options to fit all kinds of environments. You can do a fully hidden system using the Synthesis Customer Loudspeakers (SCL) and Synthesis SubWoofers (SSW) models, or go with a combination of in-room speakers and in-wall loudspeakers or in-ceiling speakers

One of our favorite systems that give you a huge amount of sound for the money is pairing up the HDI series in-room speakers for your main front three speakers paired up with the SCL models for surround and Dolby Atmos.

You can then pair these up with the great SDP55 surround sound processor and power amps or go with the SDR-35 all in one 16 channel home theater receiver.

Watch our HDI in-room speakers and the SCL/SSW hidden speakers overviews.

When you are ready to start designing your own, custom JBL Synthesis system, a great first step is to enter all of your room dimensions into our free home theater design tool. From there, our team will work with you and the JBL engineers to design a system that will be perfect for your room and budget. 

Audio Advice is your exclusive nationwide online dealer for JBL Synthesis products, so we can help you every step of the way on your home theatre journey.

We look forward to helping you achieve your ultimate home theater system. Every single Audio Advice customer who has put together a JBL Synthesis system winds up telling us their home theater is their favorite room in their home and they are so thankful they spent the money to go with the best!

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