2023 Top Gifts For

Music Lovers On The Go

Take the stress out of travel with easy-to-access music and headphones that use technology to cancel out all the noise around you. Arrive relaxed and refreshed with our best-selling gifts for travel.

  1. dragonfly cobalt - angled without lid
AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt USB DAC
    94% of 100
    Special Price $199.95 Regular Price $349.95

If the music lover you know travels a lot with their computer and headphones, the AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt will make them smile. It plugs into their computer and makes the audio sound far better than coming straight out of the computer. The Cobalt also has a great amp in it which will make their headphones come to life. This award-winning little widget has been a best seller at Audio Advice since the day we introduced it.

  1. Close-up front view of the Px8 Premium Wireless Over-Ear Headphones in Black. Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
    100% of 100
    Final Price $699.00

The PX8 is all about luxury, premium materials, and Bowers & Wilkins's take on active noise canceling which works incredibly well. These come from the speaker company that supplies Abbey Road and Skywalker Ranch with great sound, so you can imagine just how good their best headphones will make your music sound. Plus they are just super comfortable and will turn heads when you put them on.

Chord makes some of the very best DACs in the world and you get that incredible British sound with the highly portable Mojo2. This tiny, little portable DAC is packed with technology to give it that same type of sound music lovers rave about in the much more expensive Chord Hugo2. We also find it great to use in a desktop system to vastly improve the USB audio from a computer and connect up to a pair of powered speakers.

  1. Devialet Gemini II True Wireless Earbuds Devialet Gemini II True Wireless Earbuds
    Final Price From$449.00 - To$649.00

The new Devialet Gemini II’s are among the elite in noise-canceling earbuds! Devialet has taken their learnings from their original version and completely redesigned them to be best in class. With proprietary noise cancellation, a 10mm titanium-coated driver, and more, these earbuds will be sure to deliver an exceptional experience. Experience the luxury and tech of our Devialet friends in France!

  1. Devialet Mania HiFi Portable Smart Speaker - front view Devialet Mania HiFi Portable Smart Speaker
    Final Price From$799.00 - To$899.00

Devialet's first speaker that you can carry around is like getting a mini Devialet Phantom. These are incredibly stylish and just like the Phantoms, deliver bass you will not believe for their size. And what is just so cool is the speaker has microphones to sense its position in a space, so it can adjust the four midrange/treble drivers to give you the best sound field if it is sitting on a picnic table or back at home on a shelf. Their engineers have taken using tech to give us great sound to the next level with the Mania!

Focal makes $5,000 headphones and $250,000 speakers, so you know when they decide to make a luxury wireless noise-cancelling headphone, they are going to be special. The Bathys are super comfortable with a 30-hour battery life with quick recharging. But best yet, they have that Focal French design that sets them apart with tech to produce the sound that comes from their best headphones. When you wear these at the airport, everyone will know you care about sound and impeccable taste.

For those of you really serious about your music on the go, the Sony WM1AM2 will give you amazing playback of your stored digital files, or use its streaming app for your favorite streaming service. The WM1AM2 pretty much defines what built like a tank means with its beautiful aluminum frame. When you are ready for the best possible music on the go, including DSD and even MQA files, look no further than this beautiful unit from Sony.

This one is the ultimate backyard party speaker. With its dual subs, dual midrange, and dual compression high-frequency drivers, it can literally turn your patio into a nightclub! It even has inputs for a guitar or microphone and a DJ party pad. The built-in light show feature will get everyone up and dancing. The Party Box Ultimate just flat-out rocks! Thankfully this serious beast works like a rolling duffle to make carting this 98-pound speaker easy on your back. You better invite the neighbors when you crank up the Party Box Ultimate!

  1. Sonos Move 2 - Black angled front view Sonos Move Gen 2 Battery Powered Portable Smart Speaker
    Final Price $449.00

Everyone loves to be able to add sound to their outdoor party. We’ve been fans of Sonos products for over a decade and we love this battery-powered portable outdoor speaker. Nothing is easier to set up than Sonos and you’ll be able to put this great little speaker wherever you want to add sound for that party or get-together. The Move2 has pretty amazing bass for the size, but what is really cool about its design is how Sonos made it able to work where you may not have a good WiFi signal (like your backyard). If there is no WiFi, you can easily just connect to it with your phone via Bluetooth and keep the tunes going.

  1. Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black - Angle View Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
    Final Price $398.00

If you know someone who's always on the move — whether it be at home or a noisy office — give them the ability to thrive. Sony's WH-1000XM4 over-ear noise-cancelling headphone is perfect for high-performers who need to block noise on-the-go or on the job. We love the 30-hour battery life and it delivers the best hands-free experience with multiple devices at once. Listen to music on a laptop, take a quick call from a phone, and then go back to the music — seamlessly — without interrupting the workflow. 

  1. SoundCast VG5 Bluetooth Loudspeaker SoundCast VG5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    97% of 100
    Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $499.99

When you want your music on the go to really rock, look no further than the Soundcast VG5. Providing extremely deep bass, the VG5 does not even compare to your typical portable speaker - it makes you feel as if you are in the moment at a live concert. With its long battery life and the ability to pair two for the ultimate outdoor system, it will take your camping, tailgate, or backyard parties to a completely new level! The VG5 is an employee favorite at Audio Advice!

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