Long ago, we had standard definition TV.  The first broadcast in the US of HDTV occurred on July 23, 1996 when WRAL, right here in North Carolina, turned on HD to the few of us lucky enough to have an HD TV.  HD caused a boom to the TV industry as the picture was far better than anything seen before.  When sales lagged, 3D arrived, but it’s now fully viewed as the flop it deserved to be.

On February 6, 2013, Audio Advice became the first dealer on the east coast to host an event showcasing another new technology, 4K.  Sony and Audio Advice teamed up to reveal their new 84″ 4K TV.  Its’s funny, in 2013, this 84″ model sells for about the same price as the first 50″ flat panel sets that were not even true HD!

The Real Deal

4K is the real deal.  While it’s not the humongous difference we all saw from standard definition to HDTV, it’s easily as big an improvement as we have all seen from DVD to Bluray.  It’s got 4 times the resolution of HDTV, which is saying a whole lot!  Sony is also the only TV vendor sticking with the 4K terminology.  Other vendors are calling in UltraHD, mainly because their sets are not true 4K displays.

In our Raleigh showroom, you can experience the 84″ Sony 4K model.  It will make your jaw drop when you see it!

Affordable 4k

The most exciting news though, is the arrival of the new 55″ and 65″ Sony 4K models.  These are at much more affordable price points than the 84″ set.  For many of us in the audio/video industry, the Pioneer Elite flat panels produced from 2000-2008 were the standard for picture quality.  To this day, they still look better than many current sets.  Well, a new leader has emerged.  The new units from Sony are truly a leap ahead.  When you see them in 4K you will think you can reach out and touch the image.  However, even normal HD or Bluray content will just blow you away.  You can see for yourself first hand in both our Raleigh and Charlotte showrooms.

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And take a look at at this video 4K introduction from Sony:

XBR 900 series 4k picture quality