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Insight MM/MC Phono Stage

The Sutherland Insight MM/MC phono stage is a self-contained stereo phono preamp built with two sections in one box. The super regulated power supply resides in one-half of the box, while the critical phono stage sits isolated in the other half. The dual-mono circuit board layout is something normally only seen in much higher end products. Both cartridge loading and phono gain are easily changed by moving jumpers internally. When you pull the cover to make these adjustments, you will be stunned at the made in USA build quality of the Insight and understand why it sounds so good for the money.
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High Notes

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Built Like A Tank in USA

All Sutherland products are built unbelievelably well in Lawrence Kansas

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Fully Adjustable

Both gain and loading have a wide range of adjustments

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Dead Quiet

Its important for a phono stage to not add any noise, the Sutherland is our quietest!

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Availability Online, In-Store
Product Dimensions 17/ x 2 1/2/ x 12/
Gain 40dB, 45dB, 50dB, 55dB, 60dB
Cartridge Loading 100 ohms, 200 ohms, 1K ohms, 10K ohms, 47K Ohms
Power Requirements 86 to 260 volts AC, 5 watts, universal, no adjustment required
Gain MM/MC
Cartridge Loading Adjustable
Power Supply Internal
Adjustable Gain Yes

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