Sonus Faber Lumina II

Bookshelf Speaker - Pair

Sonus Faber

Sonus Faber Lumina II

Bookshelf Speaker - Pair

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The Lumina II is the second bookshelf speaker in the Lumina collection, with a larger volume and 150mm mid-woofer. The Lumina II maintains a compact and versatile design perfect for placement within a bookcase or shelving unit, or can be easily positioned as a rear channel in a home theater system. The Lumina II enriches the range of two-way speakers in the Lumina family, offering a perfect solution for a smaller system, without compromising the ability to fill a room with quality, natural sound.

High Notes

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Italian Luxury

When you touch and feel the Italian leather-wrapped cabinets and see the fit and finish on these made in Italy speakers you will know that you have brought an Italian luxury product into your home that not only will give you wonderful sound but something to cherish for decades.

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Natural Sound

Experience what music lovers call the Voice of Sonus Faber with the Lumina series. Their natural sound will draw you much closer to the performance, allowing you to hear all of those subtle emotional details in the music that make a recording sound more like real life.

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Designed For Every Room

With their Stealth Reflex ports, the Lumina models are very easy to place in a room without having to worry if they are too close to a back wall or sitting inside a bookshelf. Set them up where you want and enjoy their natural sound.

The Lumina collection was first introduced in September 2020, during a difficult and unprecedented year. Despite the challenge, Sonus Faber was able to embody its history, spirit, and brand values with the new collection that presented an exciting change, new to the typical Sonus Faber product design portfolio. The collection is able to house both a stereo system and a multi-channel home theater system for multi-directional audio perspective.

Lumina II - All Colors

The Lumina II is the best-selling speaker in the Lumina line - and for good reason. This compact little wonder puts out a huge amount of sound - and just looks gorgeous with its proportions. These move up to a larger 150mm midbass driver that produces a great deal of bass for its size. This is helped out by a much bigger cabinet than the Lumina I. The Lumina II is different from the Lumina I in that these are made to be away from your room walls, and they will perform best on a good speaker stand - positioned away from the rear and sidewalls. They are more of an audiophile-type speaker in that with careful and precise setup, the sound they produce will amaze you. Once you get them set up properly, they have great dynamics, very fast bass, and that Sonus Faber signature sweet and open sound. They need a similar type of power as the Lumina I, so just make sure the amplifier you choose has good current capabilities. For home theater, we would probably say you should stick with the Lumina I for surround - unless you have a situation where your surround-channels would be away from the wall on a stand - then we would prefer the Lumina II over the I.

The simple and squared design of the Lumina models was chosen to emphasize the quality of materials used. This principle of minimalism directly captures the essence of this thoughtfully designed product. The Lumina collection boasts the core values of Sonus Faber and the use of its iconic materials, including leather, natural composition of drivers, and real multilayer wood available in Walnut and Wenge wood with Maple inlay matte and Piano Black glossy finishes.

LU (Lumina)LUXURY is the taste of precious moments, the discovery of refined details, and the understanding of truly relevant things. This world talks about Sonus Faber's commitment to delivering a luxury music experience in everybody’s house, and their tradition of refined materials and careful craftsmanship.
MI (Lumina)MINIMAL refers to a design approach directly aiming to the essence of things and believing that “Less is more”. The collection comprises the core values of the brand combining them with the ability to deliver an incredible performance in a simple design package.
NA (Lumina)NATURAL is linked to the pursuit of the most natural sound reproduction: the main Sonus Faber commitment, as established in their brand manifesto. The electro-acoustic project is targeting solutions designed for medium to small environments, with no compromise in terms of performance and always able to deliver musicality.

Damped Apex Dome Tweeter

All of the models share the same tweeter. This is actually identical to the tweeter in their more expensive Sonetto series. If you look closely at the soft silk diaphragm you will see a small vertical assembly that barely touches the very apex of the tweeter. At the point of contact, it is cone-shaped. Fabric dome tweeters have phase anomalies that occur right at the apex of the dome. Silk dome tweeters have always had a great sound but this cancellation caused some high-frequency roll-off. Many speaker companies have moved to metal dome tweeters to get more extension, but there is something magical about the sound of a silk dome. By ever so slightly pressing in on the dome at the very apex, these cancellations do not happen and you get far more extension. This is a very creative idea the engineers at Sonus Faber came up with that you will see in all of the speakers. Their innovative technology allows for a more extended yet very smooth and natural high-frequency presentation, which has become part of the legendary Voice of Sonus Faber.

Stealth Reflex Port

Another part of all of the Lumina also comes from their more expensive models. Having a port on the rear of a speaker is very simple from a design standpoint. You see this on a lot of speakers. However, a rear-firing port limits your placement options as it will interact with the wall behind it. Sonus Faber came up with a very unique type of port called their Stealth Reflex Port. The bookshelf and center models sit on top of this special port which as an added bonus gives them a pretty cool look compared to a typical bookshelf speaker. The port for those is front-firing — meaning you can put them in a bookcase or close to a rear wall and still get great sound. The floorstanding speakers have the same type of port but it fires down which also frees up far more placement options.

Custom Made Crossover Components

The crossover is the invisible but very important part of every speaker. It essentially directs what sounds go where and if corners are cut in its design, even the best speaker drivers will never produce the sound they are capable of. Crossovers are made up of many components but the capacitors that do the filtering are by far the most important. The Lumina speakers, like all Sonus Faber models, have custom made capacitors designed specifically for Sonus Faber. That is pretty rare in the world of speakers and to see it at this price point shows incredible dedication to producing the best sound possible.

Details & Specs


  • 2-way shelf loudspeaker system
  • Vented box design


  • Tweeter: 29mm high definition DAD™ driver
    • Visco-elastically baffle decoupling
  • Midwoofer: 150mm cone driver
    • Ultra-free compression basket
    • Special custom diaphragm made with a blend of traditional cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, developed according to the most natural sound.
    • Ultra-dynamic performance and high linearity.


  • Optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance
  • Crossover frequency: 1800 Hz


  • Frequency response: 55 Hz -24.000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB SPL (2.83V/1m)
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Suggested Amplifier Power Output: 30W – 150W undistorted signal


  • Dimensions: 12 x 7.1 x 10.3 in (304 x 180 x 263 mm) (HxWxD)
  • Weight (each): 12.5 lb (5.65 Kg)
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