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Azur 851A Integrated Class XD Amplifier

The 851 possesses incredible power, finesse and astonishingly low distortion. In its design we assessed every component for sonic excellence and revised, reviewed and optimized the signal path for minimal distortion. Thousands of hours were spent testing and tweaking, the result is an amplifier we're incredibly proud of.
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  • Nothing prepares you for the sound quality of the 851A. Rated at 120 Watts per channel and built with a fastidious attention to detail, it presents your music with astounding depth and incredible clarity. The precision volume control provides remarkable stereo separation, while the overall effect is to give your music collection a new lease of life.
  • Cambridge Audio built the 851A without sonic compromise, and that 's true of the connectivity too. Nine RCA inputs cater for regular analogue inputs, while for high end components there are two sets of balanced XLR inputs. They've added a pre-out for connecting to a subwoofer or power amp, while two sets of speaker terminals allow for bi-wiring or running additional speakers in a second location. Finally, Control Bus inputs allow the linking of compatible Cambridge Audio products for easy control from one remote.

  • Rather than use Class A or Class AB amplifier designs, Cambridge Audio developed a novel and unique new design called Class XD, which combines the sonic purity of Class A and the efficiency of Class AB for the best possible result.

    The primary toroidal transformer provides unrestricted power to the dual mono amplification blocks. It 's a true audiophile transformer that will operate without distortion and with no buzz, interference or hum. While a second, smaller toroidal transformer takes care of pre-amplification processes.

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