From Studs to Stunning: Storage Space Converted Into 4K Dolby Atmos Home Theater

This theater had its beginnings when the homeowners stopped into Audio Advice to learn about home theaters. Their desire was to have a special space to enjoy their extensive movie collection in.

After they found a building contractor and interior designer, it was time to come up with a plan to bring their dreams to reality. The angled structure of the room presented some challenges for the projector mounting which required careful measurements to make sure the performance would be perfect.

An acoustically transparent 2.4 widescreen movie screen was chosen as most of their movie collection is in widescreen. The main front three B&W CT7.3S2 speakers are completely hidden behind the acoustic screen which gives the effect of the sound coming right out of the screen. Matching B&W speakers were used for the surround and Atmos speakers. Two high-performance JL Audio subwoofers were included to give powerful bass impact for this 7.2.2 design.

To keep everything clean, the rack is located in the media storage room behind the screen with a custom programmed Control 4 remote providing great ease of use. The finishing touches were a motorized Lutron blackout screen and small 4” DMF recessed LED lighting, with custom paint matching for the visible speakers.

This home theater features:

  1. AudioQuest Forest HDMI Cable AudioQuest Forest HDMI Cable
    $45.95 - $589.95

  1. AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI Cable AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI Cable
    $69.95 - $779.95

  • Control4 SR-260 Remote Control System with Recharging Station
  • Control4 APD120 Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer
  • Control4 KA Auxiliary Keypad
  • Seymour CH237 Fixed Frame Masking Panels
  • Seymour RF140WS 140" 2.37 Projector Screen
  • DMF DRD2 Recessed LED Lighting Module
  • DMF DRD2 6" Round Reflector Trim in Black
  • Apple TV

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