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Solo Phono Preamplifier

Enjoy every last detail from your vinyl collection with our highest quality moving magnet phono stage, the Solo Phono Preamplifier.

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High Notes

Warm Cambridge Sound

All Cambridge Audio gear has a warm, engaging sound, just like what you get from a great vinyl album. We just feel closer to the music when we listen to Cambridge Audio equipment.

Very Low Noise

With a signal to noise ratio of 90db, the Solo is super quiet so you will not hear any background noise from your phono preamp in those quiet passages.

SubSonic Filter

A great idea to reduce the potential for any rumble or acoustic feedback that can sometimes plague modestly priced turntables with warped records or close proximity to large speakers

  • The Solo has been designed around exceptional components that deliver the warm and detailed sound that's synonymous with vinyl, all without distorting the signal from your moving magnet cartridge. The switch mode power supply improves performance by switching outside of audible frequency to drastically reduce hum and new circuit board layout uses surface-mount components to reduce noise.
  • If some records in your collection are a little worse for wear, the subsonic filter will help to eliminate low frequency rumbles that can be caused by imperfections within your vinyl. Combine this with the balance control for handling potential cartridge imbalances in your record player (that can cause a difference between the left and right channels) and the result is a detailed experience with accurate soundstage.
  • Unlike Cambridge's previous phono preamplifiers, the controls are housed at the front of the unit for a straightforward and easier method of operation.
  • The Solo phono preamplifier is green at heart with less than half a watt standby power consumption and auto power down feature if the unit isn't used after a 20 minute period. This in turn gives the unit the same worldwide voltage for compatibility wherever you are in the world.
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MPN C11026
UPC 813371025905
Weight 1.50 lbs
Features Internal Power Supply, MM Compatible
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