VG7SE Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Pinnacle of Outdoor Audio

Building on the Best-in-the-World sound performance of the VG7, the VG7SE takes outdoor audio to the stratosphere. With twice the power, deeper bass, and a tall tower design that delivers jaw-dropping staging and super-advanced 360° omnidirectional sound, the VG7SE is Soundcast's way of reaching the summit of outdoor audio.

When you buy from Audio Advice, we’re also including an exclusive “Tips & Tricks" video that walks you through the setup, available only to Audio Advice customers. This video will give you some additional key tricks, and a few other tips to help you get the most out of your VG7SE.

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High Notes

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World Class Portable Speaker

The top-of-the-line Soundcast VG7SE has double the power of the VG7 to give you world-class outdoor sound. Even your audiophile friends will be very impressed with its clarity and dynamics

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Rugged Design

Soundcast speakers all meet IP64 or better specs which means they are totally resistant to dust, pollen, or any solid and they do not mind getting splashed

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Deeper Bass Than Many Indoor Towers

The VG7SE is only 3 dB down at 40 Hz which is deeper bass than a lot of large indoor tower speakers. When you are ready to really rock your pool or boat dock, turn up the VG7SE

About Soundcast VG7SE

Soundcast VG7SE Speaker beside a picnic table

Company & Product Overview

Soundcast focuses on bringing the best-sounding music to people who really love being outdoors in just about any climate. As we mentioned in our Soundcast Wireless Outdoor Speaker Comparison where we compared all of the Soundcast models together, Soundcast portable outdoor speakers really have what it takes to deliver the sound quality you would expect from high-performance stereo speakers. They all connect to each other wirelessly, they are all rechargeable, and each one is designed extra-tough to withstand the elements in just about any type of extreme weather.

In this review, we are focusing on the loudest, baddest portable outdoor speaker Soundcast makes — the top-of-the-line Soundcast VG7SE. This one is a special edition model and since all Soundcast speakers are exclusively available from Audio Advice, the VG7SE can only be found here as well.

The VG7SE is not just a background music speaker. This one is designed to rock out and play loud and clear. It’s also the model that will work best for an outdoor barbeque, a beach blast, or just about any scenario you throw at it. Pack it in the car for camping trips, and years down the road, the VG7SE will always be ready for any adventure, vacation, or road trip you or your family throw at it — even liquid!

Soundcast VG7SE Speaker at a tailgate party

Packaging, Design & Build Quality

The VG7SE is a larger and more powerful special edition version of their VG7 Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker model.

For comparison, the VG7 stands 19 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. Take the VG7, stretch it out, add more power with a much larger battery and you have this very high-performance special-edition speaker that’s still highly portable.

The larger battery and the more powerful output mean the VG7SE stands a little over 2 feet tall, but only adds a few more extra pounds to the overall weight. The VG7SE weighs 24 pounds compared to the regular VG7’s 21 pounds, but the solid handle built into the VG7SE makes moving it around pretty easy. The immediate benefit is not only more output and greater sound coverage — the substantially larger battery will also give you 40 hours of playtime. So, with this, an outdoor party will last all day and even all night if you need it too.

We can see this portable speaker being used mostly for pool parties, dock parties, tailgating parties, or even a neighborhood gathering in the cul-de-sac.

We think the extra-long battery life, the mood-setting lights, and the ability to charge your phone are all really nice touches that make this portable speaker stand out as one of the ultimate choices for outdoor sound.

Soundcast VG7SE Speaker at night with mood lighting

Features & Technology

The VG7SE has the same speaker components and configuration as the VG-7, but Soundcast doubled the power inside for every driver and increased the bass-driver cabinet-size to provide far more output.

The high-efficient class-D power amp inside not only meets the power demands of the high-performance drivers but also optimizes the power so the VG7SE can provide a longer playing time. There are four premium 3-inch full-range drivers packaged in a stereo 360° array capable of presenting crystal clear audio up to 20 kHz, plus a downward-firing high-efficiency 7-inch long-throw woofer that delivers subterranean low-end. The result is bass that reaches an incredible 3 dB down of 40 Hz and this outperforms a lot of large floorstanding indoor speakers.

Soundcast VG7SE Speaker at an outdoor party with fountain

When you’re ready to really rock your pool party, a boat dock, or dance parties in the backyard, turn up the VG7SE and transform your outdoor venue into a dancefloor with great low-end energy. The VG7SE uses Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo (TWS) with stereo & left/right modes — so, you could add two of VG7SE’s together and use them as a stereo pair for an even wider soundstage that spreads the sound out even more.

Bluetooth is compatible with Hi-Def AAC, aptX™ and aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® codecs, plus this one has NFC which makes Bluetooth pairing completely automatic and extremely convenient. This makes it really easy for anyone with an NFC-compatible smartphone to take turns being the DJ. Soundcast also paid special attention to the DSP to really fine-tune the VG7SE’s sound for audio that will bring a smile to just about any music lover.

Just one VG7SE was enough to provide clear-sounding background music at low volume. When we turned up the volume, our outdoor setting was completely covered with high-quality sound with enough volume that impressed everyone around us.


Soundcast VG7SE Speaker at campsite beside river

At Audio Advice, we like going to the extreme and pushing audio products to their limits — so we packed this up and took it camping! While having 40-hours of wireless playtime was extremely practical for an all-night listening session around a campfire, it’s the world-class outdoor sound you get from this that really impressed us. Even our audiophile friends were deeply impressed with the clarity and dynamics coming out of this portable speaker.

A great way to experience the VG7SE’s world-class outdoor crystal clear sound coverage is Alice In Chains’ acoustic performance of “Heaven Beside You,” recorded live in 1996 for their MTV Unplugged album.

We listened to this song outside around a campfire. Immediately, the dynamic details hiding in the music were revealed with exceptional clarity and details. Even at low volume, the VG7SE presented all the acoustic instruments in the sound field naturally. Harmonic details hiding in plucked guitar strings came alive with great bottom-end weight and a tuneful sense of timing that made us want to tap our feet along with the rhythm. When we turned up the volume, our intimate campsite was completely covered with music that sounded like the guitar player was serenading us live.

Even though the VG7SE weighs 24 pounds, we had no problem transporting this portable speaker from the car to our campsite. If the campsite was a hike of more than 25 feet away, we would have needed to stop and take a few breaks along the way, but the built-in handle distributed the weight pretty evenly. Towing this around for short distances felt really secure.

Having the ability to charge our phones while out in mother nature really came in handy. This allowed everyone to be the DJ and helped us keep the music playing the entire night. It was also nice not having to worry about drinks spilling or splashing on the speaker, or the consequences of it getting wet had mother nature taken a turn for the worse. It’s safe to say the VG7SE passed our extreme portability test.

Overall Recommendation

Soundcast VG7SE Speaker top control panel

We really like Soundcast’s top-of-the-line VG7SE for several key reasons. While having 40 hours of wireless playtime was extremely practical for our all-night listening session, it was the world-class outdoor sound you get from this premium outdoor speaker that impressed us the most.

Our audiophile friends were deeply impressed with the clarity and dynamics coming out of this portable speaker. With only 3 dB down at 40 Hz, the VG7SE produces deep musical bass that just sounds fantastic. When you’re ready to really rock your outdoor party, turn it up, and you will get everyone’s attention and their feet moving with the world-class sound coming out of the speaker.



  • One 7" long-throw woofer in a downward-firing configuration with high-efficiency BL ferrite motor design for increased battery life and high-performance IMPP cone with butyl rubber surround
  • Four 3" full-range drivers in a stereo 360° array with high
  • SPL Neodymium motor design, aluminum cones, and butyl rubber surrounds


  • Weatherproof rubber keypad
  • Volume up/down, power, mood light, indoor-outdoor, mute, play-pause, skip back, skip fwd, Bluetooth & TWS buttons
  • LED indicators for low battery/charging, volume, power, mute, Aux, Bluetooth & TWS Keypad lock/unlock function


  • Bluetooth® 4.2 with 8 memory slots
  • Hi-Def AAC, aptX™ and aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® codecs
  • NFC™ for automatic Bluetooth® pairing
  • High-efficiency VGX dynamic class-D power amp for longer playing time
  • Selectable indoor & outdoor EQ settings
  • Proprietary 24-bit DSP technology delivers quality audio
  • Supports A2DP & AVRCP (v1.4) Bluetooth® profiles
  • Qualcomm® TrueWireless™ Stereo (TWS) with stereo & left/right modes
  • Selectable color mood lighting


  • High-capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
  • 150W universal AC power adapter supplied
  • Universal 10 Watt power bank charges any USB device
  • Battery can retain charge for more than 1 year while powered off
  • Fully operable even while charging the battery when using an external power adapter
  • Battery pack is user-replaceable


  • 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo Aux input
  • Type-A female USB power bank output
  • 4-pin 12-volt DC input for external power adapter

-Frequency response: 40 Hz – 20 kHz ±3 dB

-Amplifier: Stereo class-D 120W RMS 2.1 tri-amplified
(60W + 30W + 30W)

-Play time: Up to 40 hours (depending on volume setting)

-IP64-rated for weather-resistant outdoor use

-Size (H x W x D): 25.2” x 11” x 11” (64 x 28 x 28 cm)

-Weight: 24 lb (10.9 kg)

-Shipping weight: 34.8 lb (15.8 kg)

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