PRO-JECT Audio Phono Box USB

Phono Box USB is an ideal phono preamplifier for both your hifi system and vinyl recording to PC or Mac. MM and MC cartridges will be welcome. The analog output of Phono Box USB can easily be connected to a line-input of your hi-fi and digitally via USB to your computer. Both outputs can be used simultaneously. Any professional recording software will give best results on Windows and Mac computer systems.

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  • Audiophile-grade phono preamp with high quality Digial Audio Converter (DAC)
  • By using USB output, bypass the low-grade internal sound card in your computer
  • Plug a turntable directly into a stereo system, amplifier, computer, or any other device that takes line level input
  • Great for recording vinyl on your computer (recording software sold separately)
  • USB output, gold plated RCA inputs and outputs (both can be used simultaneously, no need to unplug)
  • High quality metal casing offers shielding from both vibration and electromagnetic interference
  • New "green" DC power supply (extremely low idle power usage)
  • Switch for Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges (most cartridges are MM) low noise, low distortion
  • Flat RIAA equalization curve with 60dB of gain (MC), 40 dB gain (MM)
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