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Shift Portable USB DAC & Headphone Amp

You love music and are passionate about sound. You have a great Hi-Fi system at home that allows you to enjoy both. If you own a car, chances are you opted for the premium sound system. The ear buds that came with your mobile phone - are still in the box. Music is the soundtrack to your life, and with the Peachtree Shift you can listen to music as it was meant to be heard!

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High Notes

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High Resolution Wonder DAC

32 bit capable with DSD the Shift is a super DAC using Sabre 32 reference DAC chips.

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Lots of Battery Reserve

Large but light battery gives up to 8 hours playing time and as a bonus can recharge your phone.

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Works for Home and Travel

With 2 sets of USB in and a line out, use it by your desk with your computer, line out to your stereo, or driving any headphone on the road.

The Peachtree shift’s headphone amplifier is an ultra-low-noise design that can power any headphone - from sensitive in-ear monitors to power-hungry over- the-ear models. With shift’s dedicated amplifier driving your headphones, you’ll be able to hear your music with superior transparency, imaging, detail and bass response. To help achieve this level of performance, each subsystem within shift’s multi-layer circuit board has been designed to operate with the lowest overall noise floor and distortion, in addition to extensive use of noise isolation techniques to minimize interaction between subsystems.
Shift’s 32-bit/384kHz ESS SABRE32 DAC will make all of your music sound great from lossy compressed files to lossless uncompressed files and everything else in-between. It is compatible with high-resolution music files all the way up to and including 32-bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz Direct Stream Digital (aka double-rate DSD or DSD128)! shift is an asynchronous design featuring two internal clocks that minimize jitter from the source device at all sampling rates. shift also includes an extensive power supply circuit design with multiple stages of regulation and ESS’s patented Hyperstream Modulator and Minimum Phase filters to create natural, lifelike sound from all of your digital files.

Shift uses a microprocessor driven analog volume control that works with the volume buttons and sliders on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The variable output mode on shift is ideal when connected to headphones or powered speakers that don’t include their own volume control. The fixed output mode turns shift into a high-performance USB DAC for your Hi-Fi system. Simply connect a 3.5mm-to-stereo RCA adaptor from the shift’s output and feed any available line-level analog input.

With DyNEC and an asynchronous connection, Peachtree's dedicated iOS input lets you hear your music with all the clarity, dynamics and emotion the artist intended. So in addition to convenience, your iPhone or iPad can now be taken seriously as a high-end audio component.

In addition, Shift can trickle charge a connected iOS device. Push the power switch to the "on and charging" setting (battery icon) and it will start to top up your connected iOS device. It could be the difference between a functioning phone or not at the end of a long trip!

  • Small, lightweight, leather exterior.
  • Can be connected directly to the USB port on a computer to drive your headphones.
  • Features USB-A input, USB-B input, Variable/Fixed output, and Hi/Lo gain switch.
  • 4100 mAh high capacity internal lithium-ion battery pack with 8 hours playback.


More Information
Availability Online, In-Store
Signal to Noise Ratio 103dB unweighted (20Hz-22kHz)
Headphone Output Headphone Output Level (@1kHz): 230mW into 16Ω, 136mW into 32Ω, 65mW into 300Ω
Output Impedance
Parts Warranty 1 year
Included Accessories Lightning Cable, Android Crossover/OTG Cable, USB Cable, Leather Carrying Case

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