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Designed for music and audio enthusiasts, Nucleus is the centerpiece of a high-performance multi-room music system that works with a huge family of audio products. You won't need a PC or NAS to enjoy music with Roon; just connect Nucleus to your network and control it from your phone, tablet, and Mac or Windows computer. Supports large libraries with OVER 12,000 albums (120,000) tracks and multi-room systems OVER five zones.
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How it Works
Nucleus requires no configuration; just connect it to your network and download the Roon app for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows to control it. You can install an internal hard drive or SSD for content storage, add an external USB drive, or keep your music on a NAS. For audio playback, just connect a USB DAC or stream to any of the huge family of network players supported by Roon, including Roon Ready, Sonos, AirPlay, Devialet AIR, Meridian, and Squeezebox.

Roon Ready Ecoystem
There are plenty of closed audio ecosystems out there, but Roon is designed to support playback through the widest possible array of audio hardware. This means that Roon works with USB DACs, Roon Ready network players,Devialet 's Expert range, AirPlay devices, Meridian streamers, Squeezebox players, and the entire Sonos line. Roon allows you to browse all your music in one place, then play it to nearly any device in the home. Roon Ready devices are network audio players which support Roon 's RAAT protocol and have been certified by the manufacturer and Roon Labs. These devices are auto-discovered by Roon, support high-resolution network streaming, can be synchronized with other Roon Ready products, and offer two-way serial control between Roon and the hardware.

How to Build a Roon System:


Start with a Nucleus or Nucleus+ server, which is the heart of a Roon system. Its design is a collaboration with Intel using the latest-generation NUC platform. Just connect and power up Nucleus, install the Roon or Roon Remote app on your devices, sign up for a Roon account, and you're all set.


Nucleus supports a single internal 2.5" hard drive or SSD, but you can also add USB hard drives or keep your files on a NAS accessed over ethernet.

Connect an integrated audio component, DAC, or headphone amp via one of the two USB ports. Use the HDMI port to connect to an audio/video receiver (AVR) or another device which supports multi-channel audio over HDMI. Or stream your audio device(s) over your network; Roon lets you use the right audio hardware for each room, by supporting Roon Ready, AirPlay, Sonos, Devialet AIR, Meridian, and Squeezebox devices.

The Roon Remote app is available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Any mobile device (iOS and Android), or PC (OS X, Windows or Linux) can function as a remote control. Use these for rich UI, and add control system integration for added flexibility.

Users In a household with different users, it 's important to give each family member their own choices of playlists, favorites, and history. Adding user profiles lets you do that.

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