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1Xpression Turntable

No other entry-level turntable concept is more audiophile. Includes a totally new carbon tone-arm with spin-off EVO technology and a new innovative gimbal design that features a resonance damping counterweight, allowing the best performance for any cartridge.
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High Notes

6th Generation of the 1991 Pro-Ject 1

Tons of audiophile features for the money.

Anti-resonant Platter

Sandwiched elastomer with steel construction virtually eliminates all resonances.

Evo "Lite" Tonearm

A derivative of the classic EVO with a new gimbal design that complements its carbon fiber core.

  • Belt drive system with synchronous motor.
  • Main platter bearing made from stainless steel runs in bronze bushing with Teflon bottom.
  • Special turntable feet for effective decoupling for massively reduced risk of acoustical feedback.
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Availability Online, In-Store
Drive System Belt
System Type Manual
Tonearm Included Yes
Tonearm Type Pivot
Comes With Cartridge Yes - Sumiko Pearl MM
Anti-Skate Mechanism Gravity
Adjustable VTA Yes
Included Phono Cable Basic
Detachable Cable Yes
Dustcover Included
Turntable Speed 33, 45 (manual speed change)
Turntable Platter 300mm
Tonearm 8.6 carbon Evo
Effective Length 218.5mm
Overhang 22mm
Labor Warranty 2 year
Parts Warranty 2 year
Included Accessories 15volts DC /0,8A power supply, dust cover
Adjustable Azimuth Yes

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