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OPEN BOX D 7050 Digital Amplifier

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If you have a computer or smartphone running iTunes and a home Wi-Fi network, just add the D 7050 and your favorite loudspeakers. You'll now have a state-of-the-art audio system in a stylish and compact package that fits anywhere in your home.

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High Notes

Direct Digital Technology

Eliminates noise and distortion-producing analogue circuits in the D 7050, allowing music to remain digital all the way to speaker outputs

Streaming Made Easy

Turn your legacy Speakers into a streaming, wireless powerhouse with the D7050

Mean, Green & Clean

Consumes very little power to stay green

The Streaming is Easy
Equipped with Apple AirPlay, the D 7050 is the ultimate plug ‘n play solution for wireless music in your home. The D 7050 can also stream any UPnP audio content on your home network, or you can simply stream directly from your mobile devices using the latest hi fidelity Bluetooth aptX. The D 7050 can also get you hooked up to your music via a wired connection from your computer or from a networked hard drive. It can even recharge a docked iPad while streaming.

Innovative Direct Digital Technology
The D 7050 features NAD's most advanced digital platform, Direct Digital™, first introduced in their award-winning Masters Series M2 Amplifier. Direct Digital™ eliminates any noise and distortion producing analogue circuits in the D 7050. Direct Digital™ technology performs all preamplifier functions in the digital domain using sophisticated software to control all aspects of performance. Digital is converted to analogue by a simple passive two-pole reconstruction filter located at the speaker outputs. This radical design is the world’s first successful closed loop digital amplifier, which compares the output to the input, and then compensates for any differences to achieve a ‘perfect’ result. The uncompromising performance of the D 7050 is largely due to the elimination of noisy and resonating analogue circuits that can obscure musical detail and soften musical transients.

Small is Beautiful
They've packed four times the amount of circuitry into one-quarter of the space compared to their traditional analogue receivers. This makes sense since high-speed digital circuits perform better with very short signal paths. We also employ large scale integrated circuits (LSIs), surface mount components and multi-layer printed circuit boards to optimise speed and performance while keeping the form factor ultra-compact. The high efficiency of their Direct Digital™ amplifier technology significantly reduces the size of the heat sinks and power supply required, while offering improved sound quality. There is even a subwoofer output with selectable digital crossover that encourages the addition of a powered subwoofer for cinema effects and musical rhythms you can feel as well as hear. The result is a cool running, compact powerhouse with remarkable performance.

Advanced Features? There's an App for that!
Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to use your iOS or Android device as a full function remote, and access some of the most advanced features found in any stereo amplifier. You get the electronic crossover function for perfect subwoofer integration, as well as PerfectPitch™, a custom EQ library that fine tunes the response of your D 7050 when used with supported models of PSB Speakers. This integration of amplifier and speaker is a unique capability made possible by the powerful DSP engine inside the D 7050.

Mean, Green, and Clean
NAD has taken amplification to new lows, with lower distortion, lower noise, and lower power consumption. Compact and cool, the D 7050 can power and control expensive high-end loudspeakers while playing them at life-like levels! The D 7050’s pure digital amplification highlight’s NAD’s major focus on finding new technology that can improve musical performance while consuming less power to operate. Plus it uses fewer non-renewable resources in manufacturing. The D 7050 packs a mean musical punch that would make any music lover proud.

More Information
Availability Online, In-Store
Color Black
Number of Channels 2
Power Per Channel 50W
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥90dB
THD in Stereo ≤0.004%
Outputs 1 pair of analog stereo (RCA) outputs, 3.5mm minijack ouput
Inputs 2 optical digital inputs, 2 coaxial digital inputs, USB port
Dimensions 70 x 236 x 270mm

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