8K HDR Laser Home Theater Projector



8K HDR Laser Home Theater Projector

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The JVC DLA-NZ8 projector has their new BLU-Escent laser light engine and is capable of producing 2,500 lumens. We feel laser light engines give a color purity that is hard to beat. JVC couples it with their 8K e-shift X technology, their 65mm all glass lens with its high contrast optical block, and their awesome Frame Adapt HDR, you get a beautiful picture. When you consider it also has support for HDR10+ and custom sorted D-LIA components, you have a projector worthy of your serious home theater.

High Notes

High Notes Image

Love the Laser Light Engine

Wow, 2,500 lumens, rich colors, and a light engine that will last 20,000 hours! We love laser projectors here at Audio Advice.

High Notes Image

8K eShift X

Imagine upscaling all your 4K content to 8K! That is exactly what you get with the NZ8 and NZ9 with JVC's new eShift X! Super impressive.

High Notes Image

Upgraded 65mm Lens

The NZ8 and NZ9 have upgrade optics in the lens for better contrast. When you couple this with their HDR10+ capability and outstanding tone mapping, you get an incredible image.

The JVC DLA-NZ8 is the middle of the 4K laser series and offers up serious features and performance for its cost. You get a true 4K laser, with 2,500 lumens and a great all-glass lens with High Contrast Optics and a High Contrast Optical Block. Throw in 8K e-shift X, support for HDR10+, Frame Adapt HDR, and lens memory for widescreen and you have something hard to beat for the price. If you are comparing the NZ7 to the NZ8, there are a few reasons to go with the NZ8. If you are doing a larger screen, the extra lumens will make a big difference. If your room has well-controlled lighting and you have a high-quality screen, you will easily see the improvement in details the 8K e-shift X provides along with better color and contrast from the upgraded lens and hand-picked D-LIA chips. Or, if you have both of these use cases, it makes it an even easier decision.

2,500 Lumen Generation 3 BLU-Escent Laser Engine

When we saw JVC was bringing their laser technology into less expensive units, we were very happy. There is just nothing like the colors you get from a good laser light source. They are pure, rich, and so lifelike. JVC uses the latest gen of their BLU-Escent laser light engine in the DLA-NZ8. It is actually their third version and more efficient than ever. This long-lasting light source will only reach its half-life at 20,000 hours or greater compared to lamp designs that hit their half-life at about 1000 hours or less. You will have a great picture for years and years!

Dual 8K HDMI 2.1 inputs with HDCP 2.3 Support

The DLA-NZ8 is one of the very first projectors to include dual 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 inputs with full HDCP 2.3 support. It is also one of the first to accept a full 8K/60P signal and can also handle 4k/120P. This means you will be all set for future generations of video gaming and video content platforms. We love the way JVC went above and beyond what you currently need to future-proof these projectors.

JVC Rear Dual HDMI ports

8K e-shift X Technology

All of your video content will get the benefit of JVC’s 8K e-shift X technology. e-shift X is a refinement of some tech JVC used before 4K D-LIA chips were available to improve resolution. The idea with shift is to flash additional images to fill up a full frame of 8K video. Last year's top-of-the-line unit used a single shift, but the new e-shift X moves the image in 4 different directions to create a full 8K image. The NZ9 and NZ8 are the only two models using this great tech. You will see fine details in objects that add greatly to the realism of your cinema experience.

JVC 8K eShift diagram

65mm All Glass Upgraded Lens

The DLA-NZ8 uses the same size lens as the model below but with the better High Contrast Optical Block tech found in the lens on the top of the line DLA-NZ9. You also get High Contrast Optics which improve contrast. This is one reason the DLA-NZ8 has double the contrast compared to the DLA-NZ7.

JVC DLA Series All-Glass Lens Diagram

Hand Selected .69” D-LIA Chips

Another reason the DLA-NZ8 has both better contrast and more lumens than the DLA-NZ7 is the fact JVC sorts and hand selects all of the three .69” D-LIA chips used in their projectors. The better the model, the higher the standard is for a chip to make it into that model. This not only gives you more lumens and contrast but better colors as well.

Frame Adapt HDR System

HDR is a technology that allows the makers of video content to produce an image even closer to real-life with deeper blacks, whiter whites, and fine contrast between colors. However, it was designed with flat-panel TVs in mind that can put out the light output needed for HDR. Projectors can not produce that same level of light output which meant the video processor of the projector needed to be able to figure out how to deal with each scene to deliver great HDR images. To do this, the projector needs to know a lot of things including how big your screen is, what type of screen material and its gain, and how the lens and light engine power is set for your projector. The projector knows where your lens is set and laser output power but has no idea about the other items. JVC’s Frame Adapt HDR solution coupled with the Theater Optimizer tech has you input the screen size and brand/model of your exact screen to enable it to work with known factors. It then also looks at each frame to determine how best to present the HDR image. The end result is beautiful and true to their source HDR images that look fantastic.

HDR10+ Support

With the goal of making HDR10 even better, HDR10+ was recently introduced. With the HDR10 system, the video feed contained information in its metadata that told the display device the maximum brightness of the entire piece of content along with the average brightness of the whole movie or show. HDR10+ sends over metadata with luminance information for every scene. This is a big deal! HRD10+ content is already showing up on UHD Bluray discs and from many streaming providers. The new models from JVC are the first projectors we have seen that can support HDR10+, a fantastic new feature!

Built To Last

Please be sure you have someone to help you hang your new DLA-NZ-8 as it weighs in at over 50 pounds, a true testament to how well it is built.

Great Warranty

The new JVC projectors all of the full three-year parts and labor warranty. But better yet, should you have any issues the team at JVC tech support can not get resolved, they have an amazing 1-year advanced replacement warranty. Talk about standing behind your product, that is quite the warranty!

Details & Specs

Key Features:

  • 2,500 Lumen BLU-Escent Laser Phosphor Light Engine
  • Pixel Perfect 8K e-shift X (4-Way/Multi-Axis Shift) yields 8,192 x 4,320 projected image
  • 65 mm all-glass lens with 2X Zoom and 80% vertical/34% horizontal shift
  • High Contrast Optical Block
  • Two 48Gbps HDMI 2.1/HDCP 2.3 inputs (8K/60P & 4K/120P)
  • 80,000:1 Native Contrast, Infinite Dynamic Contrast
  • Frame Adapt HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping w/ Theater Optimizer
  • HDR10+
  • Wide Color Gamut w/ Cinema Filter (Over 100% DCI P3)
  • 0.69 inch Native 4K D-ILA Devices (x3)
  • Installation Mode with 10 memories, Anamorphic Scaling
  • ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Licensed plus JVC Auto Calibration
  • Clear Motion Drive w/Motion Enhance
  • Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) — MPC works with 8K60P (4:4:4) signals
  • Low Latency Mode improves picture, speeds operation, and reduces gaming/PC frame delays
  • Control: Control4 SDDP / LAN / RS-232C / IR / 12V Screen Trigger Output / 3D Sync Output
  • 3 Year Warranty with First Year Advanced Replacement (size, weight, and throw ratio required)
  • 8K/e-shiftX (4 way) - Yes
  • 8K/e-shift (2 way) - No
  • 8K60p input - Yes
  • 4K120p input - Yes
  • Resolution - 8,192×4,320 (8K e-shiftX)
  • Lens - 2X Optical Zoom, 65 mm/All Glass (Motorized Focus & Zoom)
  • Lens Shift - Vertical 80%, Horizontal 34% (Motorized)
  • Image Size - 60 〜 200 inches
  • Light Source - BLU-Escent (Laser Diode)
  • Brightness - 2,500lm
  • Contrast -
    • Dynamic - ∞:1
    • Native - 80,000:1
  • Ultra-High Contrast Optics - Yes
  • Color Space DCI P3 - Yes
  • Input - HDMI 2 (48Gbps, HDCP2.3, No support for CEC)
  • Output -
    • Trigger 1 (DC12V/100mA)
    • 3D Synchro 1 (Mini-Din 3pin)
  • Controls -
    • RS-232C 1 (Dsub-9pin)
    • LAN 1 (RJ45)
  • Service - 1 (USB Type A)* For firmware updates
  • Video Formats (Digital) - 480p, 576p, 720p 60/50, 1080i 60/50, 1080p 120/100/60/50/24, 3840×2160p 120/100/60/50/30/25/24, 4096×2160p 120/100/60/50/30/25/24 7680×4320p 60/50/30/25/24
  • 3D Formats -
    • Frame Packing - 720p 60/50, 1080p 24
    • Side by Side - 720p 60/50, 1080p 60/50/24, 1080i 60/50
    • Top & Bottom - 720p 60/50, 1080p 24
  • Power Consumption - 440W (Standby: 1.5W Eco: 0.3W)
  • Fan Noise - 24dB (When in Low Mode)
  • Power Supply - AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions in Inches (Width x Height x Depth) - 19 11/16 x 9 7/32 x 19 29/32
  • Weight - 50.8 lbs
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