DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector with HDR and 8K e-shift

The JVC DLA-NX9 is a high-performance D-ILA 4K projector that sits at the top of JVC's highly-impressive NX series. JVC's D-ILA projectors have earned the reputation for producing the most filmlike picture — and for good reason. The JVC DLA-NX9 lives up to its name and goes beyond 4K image quality with JVC's special 8K e-shift technology.

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High Notes

1:8K e-shift D-ILA Engine

The NX-9 steps things up with 8K upscaling using JVC's e-shift technology. Your 4K images will look even better than you could imagine.

Upgraded Lens

The NX-9 gets the much larger all-glass lens from JVC's very best model for a brighter image and more accurate picture. It is one massive 18 element all-glass lens.

Adjustments Galore

You’ll find lots of deep menus to really fine-tune the NX-9 if you wish — or use JVC's automatic system and an aftermarket under $200 measurement tool, and get very close to a full professional calibration any time you wish with their free software.

The DLA-NX9 shares similar technology and features from the DLA-NX7, including its video processing and input options — but it also offers some serious upgrades beyond the 8K e-shift capability. DLA-NX9 has a much more advanced 100mm lens that is 35% larger than the lens in the DLA-NX7. It uses the same lens in JVC's $25,000 flagship laser projector for a substantial boost in image sharpness, brightness, and contrast.


JVC's latest innovation goes beyond 4K

JVC developed its own technology to reproduce image quality beyond 4K. Its proprietary 8K e-shift technology shifts pixels diagonally by a half-pixel and combines the two images together for an incredible image that quadruples the resolution — enabling the DLA-NX9 to put over 35 million pixels on the screen. But, it also packs serious upgrades beyond this. Compared to its less expensive little brother, the DLA-NX9 has a more advanced 100mm lens that is 35% larger than the DLA-NX7. This is the same lens JVC used for its flagship D-ILA model — the DLA-RS4500K, which sells for $25,000!

The Best Contrast & Black-level

At Audio Advice, the cinephiles all agree  contrast and black level are two of the easiest characteristics to see — regardless of distance or the size of the image. It's also the main ingredient for how realistic an image will look. JVC's D-ILA-based projectors are widely known for their ability to produce the deepest blacks and the best contrast. When it comes to these two things, JVC sets the industry standard, here. 

D-ILA stands for Digital Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier. The JVC DLA-NX9 features three D-ILA chips for the primary colors (reds, greens, and blues). Each one has a dedicated LCD imaging layer on top of the reflective layer to produce JVC's exceptional native contrast. Consistently, JVC's D-ILA projectors produce the best contrast ratios of any projector we measure.

Automatic HDR Settings You Can Customize 

With 4K, not only do you get much higher resolution compared to HD, you also get HDR. This expands your overall picture contrast with deeper blacks and brighter highlights. With so many HDR-encoded movies now available in 4K on Netflix and other popular streaming services, you'll always have access to all of this great-looking content. JVC DLA-NX9 supports HDR10 and HLG formats, and it switches to the correct picture-mode as soon as it detects the HDR signal, automatically. Plus, a special auto tone-mapping feature ensures the best performance with HDR-enhanced content. 

Since front projectors can't reproduce the entire contrast range of HDR formats, all displays apply "tone mapping." This adapts the HDR content to match the display's capabilities. JVC DLA-NX9's Auto Tone Mapping feature looks at the maximum and average light-levels and then automatically adjusts the projector's HDR settings for the most accurate image. With this high-performance projector, you can always expect a balanced, natural-looking image. You can also tweak the tone mapping settings and save them for later. Either way, you don't have to mess around with HDR settings each time you sit down to watch a movie.

Experience Full Widescreen

Another feature that stands out is the lens. The JVC DLA-NX9 has a 100mm 18-element all-glass motorized lens with generous zoom and shift capabilities that are convenient and accommodate almost any room. It offers powered zoom, focus, and lens shift capabilities with pinpoint-sizing for exceptional sharpness and edge-to-edge focus. With this, you will have all the control over the image right from the comfort of your viewing position.

Plus, you can tweak the tone mapping settings and save them for later. 10 preset modes let you create your own image settings and save them. This means you can set the DLA-NX9 up to do both widescreen and 16:9 enabling you to get that great movie theater widescreen experience in your home.

Great Calibration System

With the right set of measuring tools, we think experienced projector users will appreciate having a full-color management system for tweaking grayscale accuracy. For experienced installers, there's an array of controls built-in that will let you fine-tune every nuance of the image quality. Even the casual user can use the automatic system with an inexpensive device to calibrate their system like a professional with the push of a button.


  • Complies with the latest HDMI/HDCP 2.2 standard to enable full spec 4K signal input with 18Gbps transmission band-width (4K60P 4:4:4, 4K60P 4:2:2/36-bit, 4K24P 4:4:4/36-bit)
  • Light source: NSH 265 W lamp
  • Resolution: 8192 x 4320 (with 8K/e-shift)
  • Input connectors: HDMI x 2 (3D, Deep Color/HDCP 2.2)
  • Output and control connectors: RS-232C (D-sub 9pin) x 1, LAN (RJ-45) x 1, Trigger x 1 (Mini jack), 3D Sync x 1 (Mini-DIN 3pin)
  • 3D formats: Frame Packing, Side-by-Side (Half), and Top and Bottom
  • JVC's proprietary 8K/e-shift technology reproduces image quality beyond 4K** (The projector does not support 8K signal input)
  • New 0.69-inch 4K D-ILA (4096 x 2160) device x 3
  • 18-element, 16-group all-glass 100mm diameter high-quality lens
  • Multiple Pixel Control image processor accurately reproduces images closer to the original
  • High brightness of 2,200 lm provides vibrant and dynamic imagery
  • Native Contrast Ratio of 100,000:1 translates to a spectacular Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 1,000,000:1
  • Wide Color Gamut above exceeds DCI/P3 spec creating saturated, beautiful images that come to life
  • Compatible with HDR technology that dramatically improves image quality that rivals real life
  • Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings for optimum HDR10 image quality
  • For easy reproduction, the projector switches automatically to HDR picture mode when HDR10 signals are received
  • Display the MaxCLL and MaxFALL mastering data available for HDR content on some UHD Blu-ray discs
  • Compatible with Hybrid Log-Gamma that is expected to be used widely in future broadcasting
  • Installation Mode centrally manage nine settings related to installation to enjoy video best suited for each environment
  • Nine settings of Installation Mode include Lens Control, Pixel Adjustment, Mask, Anamorphic on or off, Screen Adjust, Installation Style, Keystone, Pincushion, and Aspect; stored installation modes for various environments can be called up.
  • Renewed Clear Motion Drive supporting 4K60P (4:4:4) signal improves moving images more than ever
  • Motion Enhance technology reduces residual images and blurring that are often found in fast-moving images by optimally controlling the drive of D-ILA devices
  • Low Latency Mode suppresses display delay for faster response when receiving signals from PC and game consoles
  • Color Management System with 6-axis Matrix
  • Auto-Calibration Function using an optical sensor* is capable of optimizing essential elements in the image, including color balance, gamma characteristics, color space, and color tracking
  • THX 4K Display Certification to ensure the precise reproduction of picture quality in 4K content, just as the original filmmaker envisioned.
  • ISF C3 (Certified Calibration Controls) mode** to reproduce excellent picture quality optimized for specific environments.
  • Wireless transmission options for 3D viewing: RF (radio frequency) system transmission with PK-AG3 3D Glasses for 100H continuous operation and PK-EM2 3D Synchro Emitter
  • *Exclusive JVC software installed in PC and optical sensor are required. Please visit the JVC website for details. **Professional calibration to desired screen is performed by trained dealers
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Type: D-ILA (LCoS)
  • Lens: 100mm all-glass lens
  • Technology: 8K-e-shift
  • 3D-Capable: Active (req. optional emitter)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 17:9
  • Resolution (pixels): 4096 x 2160
  • Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1 native
  • Dynamic Iris: Yes
  • Approximate Lamp Life: 4500 hrs. (Low)
  • Bulb Wattage: 265
  • Brightness (in ANSI Lumens): 2200


  • 2X powered zoom/focus lens (standard-throw)
  • Lens shift:
    • Powered: Yes 
    • Vertical Lens Shift: Yes
    • Horizontal Lens Shift: Yes
  • Vertical Keystone Correction: Yes
  • Horizontal Keystone Correction: No
  • 9-setting Installation Mode lets you easily customize picture settings/lens positions


  • Width (inches): 19-3/4
  • Height (inches): 9-1/4
  • Depth (inches): 20-1/2
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Parts Warranty: 3 Years
  • Labor Warranty: 3 Years
  • Type of Warranty Service: Carry-in


  • HDMI Input: HDMI 2.0 (x2)
    • HDCP 2.2 compatible for connecting a 4K video source
    • Wireless HDMI Input: No
  • Component Video Inputs: None
  • Composite Video Inputs: None
  • USB Media Port: No
  • USB Port: USB Type-A input for firmware updates
  • 9-pin RS-232C Port: (x1) for external control of projector via computer or third-party device.
  • RJ-45 LAN port: (x1) for controlling the projector via a network connection.
  • 3.5mm 12V trigger output for controlling a motorized screen or another device.
  • 3-pin mini-DIN connector for use with optional 3D synch emitter.
  • Detachable power cord.
More Information
UPC 046838079146
Series NX Series
Weight 48.00 lbs
Color Options Black
Features Fully Automatic, HDCP 2.2 for 4K Video, HDMI Inputs, HDR, Powered Lens Shift, Powered Zoom, Removable Power Cord, Standard Throw Compatible, USB Port, Wall Mountable, 12v Trigger, 3D Capable, 4K Ultra HD
Included Accessories illuminated remote control
Warranty 3 Years
Projector Lamplife 4500 hrs. (in Low-mode)
Aspect Ratio 16:9 / 17:9
Projector Brightness 2200 Lumens
Projectors Bulb Wattage 265
Contrast Ratio 100,000:1 native
Dynamic Iris Yes
Lens Shift Powered, Vertical & Horizontal
Lens Zoom Focus 2X powered zoom/focus lens (standard-throw)
Projector Light Source D-ILA (LCoS)
Projector Resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels
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