JL Audio Fathom IWSv2-SYS-213

Dual 13.5" In-Wall Subwoofer System

Item #JL:IWSv2-SYS-213
JL Audio Item # IWSv2-SYS-213

JL Audio Fathom IWSv2-SYS-213

Dual 13.5" In-Wall Subwoofer System

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The same minds that engineered JL Audio’s reference-grade Fathom® and Gotham® powered subwoofers have created an amazing in-wall subwoofer solution, centered on a pair of innovative, thin-line drivers with groundbreaking technologies. Housing these exotic drivers are two critically engineered enclosures with a unique floating mount design to minimize wall excitation. The enclosures feature extensive architectural features aimed at improving rigidity while keeping a very low profile and minimal wall thickness.

A paintable, fine steel-mesh grille, also designed to control vibration, is included for each enclosure in the system.

The IWSv2-SYS-213 is driven by a rack-mountable, purpose-tuned amplifier, capable of delivering up to 2 kW of clean power, and armed with serious processing features, including their latest Digital Automatic Room Optimization system.

In typical listening spaces, subwoofer and listener placement have a profound effect on the accuracy of low-frequency reproduction. While we always recommend that you place your subwoofers in good-sounding locations, we know that these often can be impractical locations. In the real world, subwoofer placement almost always involves a compromise between sonic performance, practicality, and aesthetics.

To face this dilemma head-on, JL Audio subwoofer systems incorporate a clever piece of technology called Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.). The D.A.R.O. system self-generates a series of calibration tones, measures the frequency response at the listening position, and automatically configures an 18-band, 1/6 octave equalizer for a flat end-result. The system effectively allows for smooth, well-balanced sub-bass from a variety of locations that would have been less than ideal without D.A.R.O.

There is no need to lower your expectations when selecting this remarkable in-wall solution... it's a real Fathom®. The IWSv2-SYS-213 is available to fit a variety of 2" x 4" and 2" x 6" wall studs.

Consult your Authorized JL Audio Dealer for specific application information.

Details & Specs
  • Enclosure Finish: Flat Black (hidden from view when installed)
  • Grille finish: Primer White (paintable)
  • Enclosure Construction: CNC-Cut Birch Plywood
  • Frequency Response (Anechoic): 26 Hz - 101 Hz (± 1.5 dB) -3dB at 25 Hz / 112 Hz -10dB at 22 Hz / 150 Hz
  • Effective Piston Area (Sd): 196.51 sq in / 0.1268 sq m
  • Effective Displacement: 294.6 cu in / 4.82 L
  • Amplifier Power: 2000 W RMS short-term
  • Power Mode(s): Off, On or Automatic (Signal-Sensing)
  • Light Modes: Off, On or Dim
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