Prestige Black2 Phono Cartridge

This updated series of cartridges offer excellent tonal balance, dynamics, and realism, for a most rewarding reproduction of vocals and instruments. Grado's coil winding techniques, using ultra high purity copper wire which were honed during the development of the Lineage Series, have let the electrical circuits achieve unison between the four coils in each phono cartridge. This allows for a precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging.
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OTL Technology
The Grado Prestige Black2 uses a three piece OTL, or optimized transmission line, cantilever with a Grado specific diamond mounted on a brass bushing.

Noise Regulation
Grado's OTL provides an ideal transfer of signal from the surface of the LP to the generator of the system. This technology keeps noise generated by the motor system inthe cartridge to a minimum while rejecting unwanted resonances. In addition, it lowers distortion preserving the harmonic and fundamental frequencies of the music.

Diamond Stylus
Grado's OTL diamond stylus/cantilever makes records sound quieter and improves the height, width, and depth of the soundstage. More detail is presented than previously obtainable.

More Information
UPC 182092000080
Weight 0.06 lbs
Condition New
Color Options Black
Cartridge Weight 5.5 grams
Cartridge Output High Output
Output 1KHz 5CM/sec.: 5 mV
Stylus Type Diamond Elliptical
Tracking Force Range 1.5 (Recommended)
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