It looks like Audio Advice will once again have a world premiere of a new speaker.  At our Digital Media Event we launched the new B&W CM10 to the USA.  At Music Matters (Nov 6 in Raleigh and Nov 7 in Charlotte) we will introduce the new Aerial 6T to the world!

Michael Kelly of Aerial Acoustics has been a good friend and supplier to Audio Advice since around 1991 when he first brought his first speaker by- the Aerial 10T. Hundreds and hundreds of you have enjoyed Aerial speakers from Audio Advice for the last two decades. (Actually, it may be thousands, I need to check that.)

His last new model, the 7T has been our best-selling speaker for pairs above $5000.  (Which is saying something, considering the 7T is $9999 for the pair!)  We've been hoping for a less expensive version and it looks like the wait is over.

Michael will personally introduce the Aerial 6T at Music Matters in November.  I have a feeling this is going to be one great speaker!  But, since I've not heard it, at this point I can only describe it 🙂

A rough shot of the upcoming 6T, this finish is experimental at this point

A rough shot of the upcoming 6T, this finish is experimental at this point

First, it appears to be just a magical physical size.  It’s just shy of 43” tall, but only 6 ½” wide at the front.  It will have the same beautiful finish options as the 7T - gloss rosenut and nero fine metallic black.  The tweeter is identical to the one developed for the 7T.  The mid-range driver is a smaller version of the one in the 7T. Michael has also come up with a new woofer technology to get what he says is just amazing bass out of two 5 ¼” long excursion bass drivers.

I suspect the 6T will produce an incredible three-dimensional sound stage, and will have Aerial's classic honest, neutral tonal balance.  I can’t wait to hear these and if you attend Music Matters, you can hear them too!  The 6T will be almost half the price of the 7T at $5990 for the pair.