This post covers the new CM Series 2 speakers from Bowers and Wilkins.  

Watch Leon in the video below, read the post, or enjoy both!

Bowers and Wilkins (B&W)  is one of our favorite speaker brands, having been a staple at Audio Advice since 1981. Their CM Series falls in the middle of their line, offering much of the technology found in their Diamond 800 series (for far less expense).  B&W is well known for taking technology they discover in no holds barred efforts and filtering it down to their more affordable models. The new CM Series 2 is a great example. The Diamond Series gets its name from the diamond dust used in their tweeters. This design allowed them to extend the range where distortion kicks in, far beyond the range of human hearing. For the new CM Series, diamond dust was out of the question from a price perspective, so they came up with a new dual dome decoupled tweeter design that has virtually no distortion till around 38 kHz. Most of us only hear up to about 18 kHz if we are lucky, so this results in just a really pure sound coming from the tweeter.

Cabinet resonance is another big factor in speaker design. The new CM's have a 1” thick front baffle along with really good internal bracing. This gives a very rigid, acoustically dead mounting surface for the drivers.

Finally, B&W upgraded the parts used in the speaker crossovers (the crossover divides up the signal and sends it out to the different speaker drivers). They went with even better capacitors and used high end speaker wire for all the connections.

We've had the new CM series in for a couple of weeks now, and they just sound fantastic for the money! They start at $1100/pr for the CM1S2 and go up to $4000/pr for the CM10S2. We especially like the CM6S2 at $2000/pr and CM10S2 at $4000 as both of these use an external tweeter design like the higher end Diamond series.

They come in black, white, or a dark wood finish. If you are in the market for some better speakers, these should be on your list! Please come in and check them out.